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Here’s the In The Bleak December link. Try it.


Wishing you health, happiness and good fortune in The Year Of The Goat.



In The Bleak December has been up for a couple of months and I’m in the trying to find a larger audience phase of the small snowball stage of the eventual avalanche.  Had a couple of sites that didn’t bother to follow up on my requests to buy advertising, which is frustrating.  But I’ve created a Facebook Author page where I can talk about these sorts of issues.

I’m currently running a pre Valentine’s Day Kindle Promotion Deal.  The sooner you buy In The Bleak December, the cheaper it is.

My four Robots <3 Shakespeare paintings are currently on display at the library downtown. I’m excited that they are being seen together.

Anne Of Green Gables teched this weekend so I’m not only wandering around in a dress onstage, I’ve been equipped with a crinoline, hat, purse, shawl and cape.  The crinoline is a terror.  It got fired in the second act, although I fear costumes will find a way to fix it.

Watching my way through Legend of Korra.  Much better than I remembered, although Mako is still hard to take, especially when the Season 1 Big Bad takes a pause to ooh and aah over his bending talent before taking it.  But then Korra unlocks a new ability and saves the day.  Korra seems to be mostly motivated by saving people.  Flash gets anxious when bad things happen to Korra (a lot) and Gayle won’t add it to her must watch TV list but I’m enjoying it.

Agent Carter is amazing.  And extremely stylish.  And The Flash is a master class in what superhero storytelling should be.

To segue into comics:  Lumberjanes continues fun, Thor is compelling, Captain Marvel flies high, Miss Marvel is marvelous and Copperhead is a granite chip off the Westerns I’ve always loved.

Haven’t been hitting the movies much with Anne Of Green Gables rehearsals crimping my Saturday movie date time.  There also hasn’t been anything I’ve really urgently wanted to see.

And that’s enough of a rant/run through to relax me.  Reading Terry Pratchett for fun, always enjoy his humor.  The Lunar New Year is approaching so time to start researching.

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay warm,


Because they do ; )
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Legend of Korra Series Finale: It’s Not Just All Physical


I like the doesn’t have to be about damage or sex thought. The universe needs more positive examples.

Originally posted on Taylor Ramage's Blog:

An image shows Korra and Asami facing each other in the glow of a spirit portal while holding hands.

At long last, the Avatar franchise has come to an end, at least in terms of the TV series. The Legend of Korra aired its final episode at midnight on Friday and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

Especially since Korrasami became cannon.

In my previous LoK post about Korrasami, I analyzed the slow burn that Korra and Asami’s relationship has been from the start of the series and stressed how important cannon Korrasami would be while compromising/validating an ending with no ships at all. At the time of that writing, Book 3 had just ended and, narratively speaking, there weren’t yet enough romantic hints between the two for me to feel angry if Korrasami didn’t happen.

Then, everything changed when Book 4 attacked.

From Korra’s letter to Asami to “you’re looking snazzy as always” to Asami giving Korra warm tea in a pagoda, Book 4…

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Watched the third season of Legend of Korra.  Better than I expected.  Many of my quarrels with Korra from guessing at plots were erroneous and Korra and Asami walking into a spirt portal hand in hand resolved my ‘they have great chemistry, why do they have to want the not much personality stick of a guy?!?!?!?!?!?!’ rant after the girls in fast cars episode of Season 1.  Can’t convince Gayle to watch it and don’t know if I have the tolerance for Season 2, but Season 4 is on my to watch list.  And yes, I do have a weakness for smart women and fast cars, but oh well.  I blame Diana Rigg.

My youngest brother has finally got us to watch Korean dramas.  We finished Tomorrow’s Cantabile, a story of a group of students at a music college.  Beautiful music, glorious fall scenery — love when you see characters OUTSIDE.  Right now, we’re watching Detectives of Seonam Girls’ High School as we asked Beau to find something in the mystery category.  It’s weird, but kind of wonderful and sometimes wonderfully goofy.  Korean dramas have a great mix of comedy and drama, with high quality writing and performances.  Impressed.  Nice that they don’t linger and just tell a story well in a certain number of episodes.

Men in Blazers is a hoot. If you watch soccer at all, or these days Downton Abbey or pay attention to fashion, it’s a half hour fest of obnoxious laughter.

The Librarians is the perfect mix of action, myth, laughter and literature.  And their casting people are having so much fun.





In The Bleak December sale page



Another Tumblr repost about what I’m currently thinking.


And now I return…because I’ve been finding myself on Tumblr more often.  Tonight, I’m scrolling #korrasami art (well done folks, thanks!) because well, Korra and Asami from Legend of Korra are occupying too much mindspace at the moment.  I watched Season 1 of Legend of Korra and was disappointed by both how weak an avatar Korra seemed in comparison to Aang and how the chemistry Korra and Asami had at the racetrack wasn’t going to go anywhere.  Tired of seeing that sort of thing and I’ve never been a believer in trying to force other people’s characters into stories that worked for me.

Fast forward to now, two and a half years since I last watched a Legend of Korra episode and the Asami and Korra chemistry has been given the room to explode.  Kudos to the creators.  I still don’t like how harshly Korra has been hammered over the years and the fact that Naga never seemed as integral a character as Appa.

I’ve been watching highlight reels, clips and episodes on Hulu Plus over the weekend.  And I do find myself liking the way Asami swaggers through Korra’s life with charm and confidence and continues to care fiercely with so much going on in the world of Republic City.  I’ll probably end up watching at least Season 3 and 4 to watch the story develop.  Because the growth of Korra and Asami is the sort of story that inspires me.  And those are too rare.


Reposted this from Tumblr. Hope your Christmas is a warm one, even if there’s snow.

Just put a historical mystery I’m very proud of writing up for purchase and reading on your Amazon Kindle. And now that’s checked off the to do list, there’s the next step. Find an audience besides me.

I wrote In The Bleak December because so many of the books with gay characters I read immediately after coming out were severely depressing. People wandering around in a hopeless harassed gloom. Books with only gay characters. To match the books with only straight characters. And then I read a book called The Well Of Loneliness and thought, no, no one should ever have to read that again. I wanted something like Agatha Christie’s Tommy and Tuppence Beresford or Ngaio Marsh’s Roderick Allen and Agatha Troy. Or anything by Jane Austen. Or what Lightning Lass and Shrinking Violet developed in the Legion of Superheroes. Something fun, action filled, literary, with the snappy patter and the not severely depressing ending. That’s me.

In The Bleak December started out set in Wyoming and called Glowing River Gulch. The plot involved aliens. The process of writing is a fascinating meander where your ideas meet the characters and something wonderful, new and strange develops. First there was the friend who insisted if I were writing about 19th century lesbian paranormal detectives, Bryn Mawr had to be involved. So I had to bump the date forward 50 years. But when I introduced the Baltimore and Edgar Allan Poe elements the book started to flow. I’m still hoping to get to Wyoming, in person and print. Growing up, I wanted to be the Lone Ranger. Jane has a little of that in her DNA.

And that’s your first glimpse into In The Bleak December, how writing happens for me and why. Next post: what I’m currently paying attention to. Give my book a read in the meantime. And have a merry Christmas.




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