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Poetry Catch Up

March Lion Haiku

Wind enough to blow

Stars free of dark or is it

Snow’s burning cold kiss



Life or Death to Them

Might be Life or Death for Them

#NeverAgain Now


2 x Haiku, 1

Hurricane Grief swirls,

Category Infinite,

Board up heart, shelter


Let winds whip tears as

Memory rattles, fears sound

Through your hollow core


Brass Haiku

Hearts Molten, Forged Gold

Midnight Trombones get me, slide

Clear, Lonely, Lovely


January Mild Haiku

Winter leaves rattle

Brown against blue; pale, cloud bright

Sky puffs soft kisses


Tuesday Night Haiku

Bare toes in a draft;

Sprawled across my bed, smiling,

Memories for warmth


December Darkness Haiku

To Remember Joy

Is to know this is hollow,

To breathe Hope on sparks


Random Desktop Photos


It’s been more than a year. Trump and the GOP have shaken and tested and DAMAGED every American Institution. What you value about America is being sold and dismantled — at the demand of and to oligarchs, both foreign and domestic.
Windows and doors are a social contract. Only burglars admit how easy it would be to break them. Then they do it. Our democracy is much the same way, but the current Administration has no respect for anything but the rule of power. Supporting the current administration puts you on the wrong side of history. If you don’t see this, look closer. Or talk to a Holocaust survivor. The NY Times recently had an op-ed about why the voice of a white supremacist is needed in the White House. Nazis killed Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, VA. That doesn’t go away and it can’t be completely fixed with ‘let’s all be nice to each other’ platitudes, as much as any of us might like to believe otherwise. There are people who are willing and currently doing evil to our country and there are too many of us who don’t mind because the Supreme Court might get stacked against abortion and/or gay marriage or taxes are lower or…
We have to work at fixing this. Register to vote, vote, keep raising your voices, turn off Fox News, do your own research and get out of your darn comfort zone.



Taking black and white photos of the flag at sunset really seemed to express the mood I’ve been feeling as we approach another November election. Voter turnout better be through the roof. If politicians don’t see that the voters care, there will be no pressure on them. And as the political class seems to completely lack integrity, pressure,The Constitution and a dream of an improved America is all we got, folks. So get out and vote.

People having to face the consequences of lying, grafting and colluding with enemies of the state would also hearten me.



LAte Night Haiku#ShrewPack Director's NoteIMG_6346IMG_5490IMG_6029IMG_6283IMG_5912.jpgIMG_5440.jpg



4 A.M.

This sort of thing used to be titled 2 a.m., didn’t it?  Ah well, it’s 4:23 and here we are. Have a haiku, freshly minted on the anvil of thinking instead of sleep:

Nearly 4 a.m. Haiku

In another part

Of the room, Sleep rests, As I

Should, with you, dreaming

My foray into writing fan fiction also continues — and gets goofier. I am working through a sequel to one of my stories and writing some fluffy ficlets on the side. Working knowledge of Love Live School Idol Project helps. Find ’em here.

Taming of the Shrew is up again this summer. I was looking for a simple set and you can do Shrew out of a steamer trunk. Then last November happened and what little veneer was left covering the national tilt toward misogyny has been stripped off so while Shrew may be timely, it’s for all too many reasons. So I’m leaning toward cutting the speech and amping up the farce. We’re setting it Bogart-Bacall-Sinatra Rat Pack style and going from there, with Pat Suzuki and Cole Porter in the mix. Hashtag: #shrewpack

Power Rangers was fun, team Pink Ranger for me, although Team Yellow also works. Your Name was gorgeous and twisty, teary good. Funimation should bring more movies to the US.

Started reading Connie Willis’s CrossTalk, but the protagonist’s bad boyfriend as written is more of an obstacle than a person so that was off putting — and surprising, as Willis’s Bellwether is pretty much my favorite book. For comics, I’ve been getting the Giant Days collected trades and they are a hoot. Great cast, great fun, brings back college vividly.

What else is new? Listen to Pat Suzuki, Al Hirt, Jr., read something fun, register to vote because someone has to save democracy and it’s us. And if you see a Nazi and decide to punch and/or glitterbomb them, stay safe, pay attention to your center of gravity and punch through your target.

Good night.



Representative Perry,

I write to you as a resident of York, PA, transplanted here from Chicago in 1990 when my wife found a job in York after her graduation from Northwestern University, where we met. Once again, we as a nation are at a crisis point for the rights of LGBTQ citizens and I would like to speak to you about that. I am including excerpts from blog posts I wrote at other national crisis points. The first is from 2008, when California was voting on Proposition 8, which was eventually declared unconstitutional. I tweeted links to my full posts to your official Twitter account, should you wish to read them in their entirety.

‘back to, well Proposition 8. I wasn’t really thinking about it last night; I think I didn’t really expect it to pass…

I’m not out with the purple lambda everyday or the rainbow bumpersticker on my car; I think it’s more important to proceed everyday the same as the rest of the folks who just go about their business, raise kids, work, read, play, love, say stupid things, say brilliant things, worry, get angry, go to church, don’t go to church, respect other people, try to set a good example for others and all the rest. I don’t believe in evangelizing, I believe in leadership by example. I believe in creating a life you can be proud of on many levels so that if there is a young gay person watching how you live, they see you live just like everybody else. That’s the trouble with claiming an identity or an adjective, you get put in a box and people only start to see one thing. I believe in the individual and the extraordinary things a person can do when they stop trying to meet other people’s expectations. I think the Founding Fathers did too and that’s why we have one of the most flexible constitutions in the world.

From 2012, on the brink of a very divisive Presidential election:

“Let’s make it personal. Hi, my name is Michelle Denise Norton. I want to get married. To the very specific person I fell in love with, Gayle Eubank. Now. I will be engaged for 24 years this December and if it had been possible, I would have met Gayle somewhere in Evanston or Chicago for a civil ceremony before she moved into my apartment at the end of January 1989. I had a roommate (let’s call her D) freak out when she found out Gayle and I had started dating. This involved D demanding she move into university housing in Gayle’s place and Gayle move into our apartment. I had maybe planned to move in together after Gayle got back for the summer. So that timeline suddenly got accelerated. At this point, I had finished at Northwestern and was working as an Admissions Clerk at a hospital and Gayle had just started her senior year as a Journalism Major.

The United States Presidential election is happening Tuesday. We are at a point of cultural shift. The Republican and Democratic National Parties (oh, they are so not a party, either of them) and the GLBTQ media and community have turned the “can the gay community marry” question into a high contrast, highly volatile, yes or no, no compromise issue. Vote Romney, be anti gay marriage and families; vote Obama, equal rights are supported in speeches and interviews, mechanics to be worked out later…

maybe some day soon, I’ll be able to flash you a picture of that wedding ring* ; )

*Gayle did accept my initial proposal that December night, but has refused to go through with it twice…once at a protest during a March on Washington and once when I suggested we go to Canada. My feelings were hurt. A little. But her theory: do it once, legally and in church. Ours is Episcopalian so that part is possible. Take a New Jersey Irish Catholic and a Kentucky Southern Baptist and after seventeen years or so, the church they agree on turns out to be Episcopalian.”

And here we are now in 2017. Gayle and I were married on June 21st, 2014, in the Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist in downtown York City, where we have been members of the congregation for nearly a decade. Even if Obergefell v. Hodges is reversed, my name and my wife’s will always be listed together, with our witnesses, in the marriage register of a church older than the United States of America. Because progress moves forward. Being married is not only a public affirmation of the seriousness we have always treated our partnership with but has also simplified explaining that relationship to others. People understand that you do not enter into a marriage lightly. It has also enabled me, an artist, to be included on my wife’s healthcare plan and for Gayle to file her taxes as the head of our household.

Gayle and I grew up in the 80’s, when people could pretend they didn’t know what ‘gay’ was. But today, in 2017, with LGBTQ citizens out, living, working and contributing to society EXACTLY the same as their straight fellow citizens, if you, Representative Perry, abuse your position of responsibility to pull back rights from vulnerable LGBTQ youth, effectively branding them as a lesser class of citizen, history and I will have nothing but contempt for you.

Thank you for your time.


Have been Tumblring more than blogging here. I have also been having fun building playlists to write to. Here’s my latest:

And a bit of art for you.


Why yes, I have taken up knitting like a fiend. Now let’s see if I can find you a poem.


And good night!


New NicoMaki story up. Listening to the playlist I posted earlier this month while I consider the playlist for the next. Playlists are a huge part of my creative process. This summer, in between As You Like it rehearsals, I drove around blasting Prince, when I did LONELY POND MONSTER(looking for love), I looped 3 songs. I still have a list somewhere on my desk of songs I want to write something to. Last playlist I made was to help me understand Nico and Maki (watch Love Live, people) and for something to loop when I wasn’t just playing songs from the anime (love Snow Halation, people.) My next playlist is to help me crack the Rin and Hanayo dynamic.

Trying to update my Etsy store, but have yet to find the optimal lighting for metallic pencils on black tiles. Think I need a mini lighting rig to put in the utility kit that carries my portable office. Also updating my Threadless store, but need to design a fall Robot and Turtle design digitally. I don’t think scanning in pencils will make for an optimal (word of the night) experience.

Having an optimal(yes, stopping now) October experience? Today was hoodie weather, so long walk followed by hot drink, followed by trying to draw candy corn on white paper (fail) so I switched to the lightpen in Procreate. I love the lightpen, lightbrush and etc. in Procreate. Neon graffiti is so much fun.

Saw Shin Godzilla. The monster was gorgeous, the action scenes lit up the screen, literally and the pacing was so tight, especially considering so much time was spent in government meetings.

Have acquired Ghostbusters on BluRay. Looking forward to watching the extended footage, the behind the scenes stuff and the gag reels.

Politics is in a dark place, but vote anyway.