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July 27, 2008

Well, I wasn’t up at 2:44 a.m. staring at my computer last night; I got to applaud my self discipline today.  Looking at too hectic a week and apparently I’m in the discovery phase of documentaries so meeting on Wednesday, freelance article to work on — anyone have a Tamora Pierce book suggestion? — and still working my way through  Droidmaker.  Finally broke down and bought Season 2 of Eureka since Season 3 starts Tuesday; still evincing dangerous loss of quirk, even on DVD when I haven’t missed half the episode ’cause of rehearsal.  I have more hope of The Middleman; it’s about a cursed tuba — how can you go wrong there.  Tuba’s a memorable instrument; my indelible New Orleans memory is walking through the French Quarter in an early November twilight and hearing a tuba playing “Summertime.”  Want to go back sometime; it had incredible energy and enough music spilled out that suddenly everyone had rhythm, swing or at least a melody half hidden in their heels.

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