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August 6, 2008

I think I figured out part of The Middleman problem — the physical comedy is getting less emphasis, whether a writing or directing issue, I don’t know, but definitely an issue. Last night, our hero was possessed by a girl with presumably no fighting skills and it wasn’t funny.  Sigh…bring back the flying fish and the wrestlers…oh yes, plus erring too much on the sentimental.  Get Lacey back out on the streets PROTESTING, darn it.

Eureka, however, has apparently taken to heart many of my comments (oh come on fellow bloggers, you know we’re all that kind of egomaniac) on my WAB blog and bought back quirk, Carter-Alison sexual tension and science as weird fun — I am not giving them top score though unless I see Taggart.  That’s what ticks me off about the whole Jo-Taggart thing — they spent the whole first season really investing you in the character and then bango zingo nothing to do for the local weirdest of the weird and wild… 

O.K., panhellenic ghosts vs. reverse mutated snakeman, here we go:

Eureka:  pluses for Fargo-Vincent hacking into surveillance and it becoming a town event; pluses for science used in pursuit of non scientific goal, plus for the gleam in Jo’s eyes at the mention of ‘big gun,” still don’t like Zane, plus for more Zoe, plus for Carter-Alison unexpected nude scene — that’s a lot of pluses

The Middleman — plus for Booty Chest reference, plus for Ghost Busters references, minus for too darn many of the darn things and no slime, minus for ineffective fight scene, plus for the guy in the pink dress and heels, plus for bad brother sister cover, plus for Ida getting rid of Tyler while Wendy and MM were arguing about it, minus ’cause I’m not dancing with middle fun anymore.

THE SCORE (on the EM scale of -5 to 5):  Eureka 4, The Middleman -3.

Come on Middle dudes, pick up your game.


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  1. funny – i thought the fight scene was hilarious and that’s what I keep seeing people listing as their highlight of teh episode. i also dug the other minuses you listed.

    but if you want more physical comedy… just wait until episode 10. 🙂

  2. Well, it might have been the highlight of that episode, but no match for “art crawl” (raise hand please) — I will look forward to episode 10…

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