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2:36 A.M.

August 10, 2008

Well, Gayle’s sleeping and I’d like to be, but…here I am and running out of things to do so time for a wrap up/rant.

Item 1: why does everyone make such a fuss about the Christian content in Narnia and the Potter books when everyone in Hellboy walks around with a crucifix, religious relics abound and if you’re not well versed in Biblical, Roman Catholic traditions, history and a whole bunch of other stuff you miss a lot. Working through two Hellboy graphic novels (Mignola nearly killed off Liz, but someone talked him out of it) and waiting to fit Blood and Iron (animated Hellboy #2) in, between Olympic events. Maybe by then, Hellboy 2 will be at the $2 theatre.

Item the Second: Time Life has pried its fingers off GET SMART, the TV series, and although too broke, I have acquired Season 1 from Target — at a discount and with no shipping costs. Now, must fit it in, between Olympic events. On the top of my Best TV show ever list.

Item 3: Must sleep — oh right, now I remember what I wanted to hypothesize: I think mentioning insomnia on Twitter is like yawning in a room full of people.

Item 4: How did I suddenly get overbooked?

Item 5: Really hoping it’s a funny Middleman this week.

Item 6: Need new music in my head — Nat King Cole song stuck. Not sure if I’d like to modernize; positive I’d like another option.

Item 7: China apparently (according to the Financial Times, henceforth known as FT) detained someone who only APPLIED to protest. How can they make such an incredible artistic statement as the opening ceremony and still mishandle so many other things. It makes it hard to watch (plus Bob Costas annoys me) but I’ve always loved the Olympics and the inspiration of excellence and athleticism. I did neglect to schedule myself off for these two weeks — all the track and field doping scandals get depressing and with the torch protests and all the newsies sinking their teeth into China stories, hard to see it as anything positive. But I do love diving, beach volleyball, water polo, hockey when they show it, three day eventing and the whitewater events. And I’ve always found the Chinese culture a fascination.

Item 8: see item 3. Flash is up and wandering; she’s in a mood; she doesn’t like the Olympics; it cuts into her Disney Channel time.

Good Night — did I mention morning activities? Did I mention how they thrill me?

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