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August 27, 2008

Well, Eureka gets a bonus .25 for proper punning.  This week’s episode — not much dwelling on Stark, except for Fargo and nice touch to see the other characters react.  Getting a little tired of the Eva Thorne teasers. Like Carter’s sister and the sibling interaction, probably partly because I miss mine.  Who else can you go to when you need a quick game of touch football — that’s it, let’s see another Eureka version of sport.  Baseball and tennis, now we need….polo?  Robot horses?  Remote controlled on the moon?????    Anyway, scoring…

Eureka, pluses for Carter figuring out something the scientists should have; plus for Cafe Diem inclusion — Vincent is apparently covering all the quirk and doing a good job, plus for the horror motifs — Blair Witch and that fun moment when the bugs banged against the freezer door — minus for the streching out of the Thorne puzzle, plus for Lexi, minus for Zane, I’m still missing Taggart; minus for not enough Jo recently; plus for doing Fargo well (I guess we’re stuck with him).  Total:  3.5, sorry, 3.75 with the bonus.  So the score for plague of the Egyptian sort versus plague of the alien nanobot sort (drum roll or count down to the maybe not so inevitable detonation):  The Middleman takes the week with 5 on the EM scale versus 3.75 for Eureka.  Next week, The Middleman season finale.  Throw a party.  Serve up some square jawed justice.  Do the same on Tuesday.  Cheers.


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