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September 2, 2008

O.K., SciFi pick it up if ABC Family sticks with teens in turmoil.  We want our second season of svelte sidekick and square jawed hero.  Season finale very very well done, if lacking quite so many laugh out loud moments.  Bonus for the Shadow reference and excellent lighting in Middle Apocalypso Land.  Lacey wasn’t as sexy as the preview articles claimed, but it’s hard to outdo hot on the track of everything anti-art Lacey.  Noser with a gun showed a new side…answer the man, d*&n it, or get blown away.  Makes you wonder what your palindromic double would be like.

So, the score:  pluses for middle hog striding dude, excellent acting job; pluses for serious tension, pluses for glass puzzling, plus for multifunction Ida, plus for villian twist, plus for spray on soup, minus for still smarmy Pip, minus for banal art at the end — why not an eyepatch, tatoo or stubble, minus for cutesy Tyler stuff, plus for all being right with the world.  Total on the EM Index 2.0 with its -6 to +6 scale:

The Middleman season finale:  +4.5

Somebody pick up the show and when is the DVD coming out?  And can Season 2 involve more Sensei Ping?


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