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September 4, 2008

Well, that’s one of the arrows the New York Times pulled out of its quiver and shot at Sarah Palin and frankly, it’s one that I care about.  Me and a whole bunch of librarians.  I didn’t know there were librarian websites until I Googled Sarah Palin + book banning.  Apparently, it’s an activity where I draw the line and toward the top of my list of unAmerican activities (although Gayle pointed out, it is actually a very American activity, but I’m on Ben Franklin’s side — let ’em read.)  So is this Democratic “liberal media” made up boogeyman stuff or do I actually require a written apology saying well, that was the day I was smoking marijuana and wasn’t quite myself.  My constituents made me do it doesn’t really cut it.


Aside from the book banning accusations, strong speech, amusing sarcastic puncture wounds in the Barack Obama bubble.  I would really like for there to be a Steve Rogers (RIP Cap), Clark Kent or Lois Lane to vote for, someone on the side of truth, justice and the American way that Frank Miller, Alex Ross or some other comic high flyer hasn’t darkened yet. It’ll be a long two months I think; I hope not an even longer four years.


NYT article:

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