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September 5, 2008

I am very glad they’re over…McCain is not a natural born orator, but he showed humility and everything around and about him shows heroism. I thought he handled the protestor well. I am concerned with the e-mails I receive from the more social active members of my internet world detailing police vs. protestors episodes in both Minnesota and Colorado. I begin to fear we are not as committed to the First Amendment as the Second. It would be nice if the country had enough of a sense of humor that we could mix history in with comedy or popular entertainment, something other than the Schoolhouse Rock series, something more like Black Adder or Yes Minister where fun is made of the powers that be but a certain amount of knowledge is required to understand the jokes. And then we should ensure a base level of understanding American history. I agree that “education is the civil rights issue of the 21st century,” but if you’re going to get rid of bad teachers, how do you encourage good ones. And actual learning, not just surviving school. Society and the choices we make growing up are more and more about economic security in a world where everyone needs to work and less about dreams or talents. We might need more engineers, but we also need more programs that teach people how to think and how to use reference books and to make their own good choices, not just to memorize facts for a test or decide in 8th grade what you want to be.

Ah, hear someone say I served my country, what are you going to do, have an crisis of conscience (should I run for president and does that mean I shouldn’t have broken into Alice Millar Chapel that one of many long nights in college. And who can prove what I was doing on the Lakefill on Armadillo Day (actually on one of them, I was inside listening to Bach’s Mass in B Minor, but that’s another story) and blog out my angst (and twilight secrets).

Right, this is why I have a category called meandering. I am glad the conventions are over, as well as the Cold War. I am saddened that the Middle East situation was handled so poorly starting with the partitioning of Iraq by the British, followed by the first Bush and continued to date. And that so many have died, returned wounded and resources we should be using to feed the hungry and educate our citizens are being turned into munitions.

Where was I? Right, First Amendment, say what you want, say it with respect and don’t yell fire if there isn’t one. And stop the police harassing pacifists. My vote’s still out there.

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