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September 9, 2008

And if you’ve never watched the pilot episode of The Middleman that will make no sense. Go watch it now; I’ll wait.

There, had a good laugh? Dancing with Middle joy? Wondering where the next mutant, evil scientist, or confrontational conceptual artist will strike? Good.

O.K., the Pilot Episode Sanction score — wrote pluses and minuses on little blue post its scattered across the top of my computer so let’s take them in order: +black and white interludes, + location titling, + for “as is department”, +for “I never build strip malls” and other dialogue you actually have to listen to, + (always) for Noser, + for the art scattered around the illegal sublet, – Kesslar’s good, but in some parts, especially the beginning the dialogue just goes too fast, + Avengers reference, – for bad gorilla body double on the gunman, + for the Middleman’s “I have issues with authority”, + for the totally poised hero run, +for gorilla art…

And that’s only the blue post it tip of a larger comedy iceberg. Score on the EM scale (-6 to +6), well, +6 — how can you not give a perfect score to a reprise of the night you fell in love. Something about The Middleman just leaves me with a grin and in a dancing mood, possibly square dancing or at least country line dancing though I don’t have the boots. I think Middleman is vying to take beach bum off the top of my future career list, ahead of choreographer and media mogul.

So watch ’em and if you happen to be a media mogul– I have yet to get my multi million media mogul spurs — pick the darn show up.

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