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September 11, 2008

And I can’t think of a clever title…Eureka doesn’t seem to be inspiring clever titles, although I think this season is much stronger than the last and very well written. The acting has been consistently good over all three, although I will still put in an I miss Taggart plug. Maybe he’s tracking Beverly?

This week — still not enough Jo. I guess more Zoe means less Jo. Glad they realized Zane fits in better with the high schoolers than the grownups. Liked the Captain Eureka thing. Lexi is a good add; someone needs to give Carter that kind of a backboard for patter. Fargo’s around too much. Henry and Alison solving problems is good. Thorne plot line creeps along with very little zing. This season seems to be an exploration of the heroic. Will Thorne make the hero switch like Henry did last season?

Anyway, the score ++Carter uses technology and logic to conquer, -arbitrarily putting Zoe in danger so he can do the Dad big hero thing, – lack of Jo, +excellent writing, +for Chuck, +for Eva Thorne’s hair (don’t ask, it’s late — is one of the Eureka points all redheads are dangerous and hey, who’s the town therapist now and does Eureka have a bar? Has anyone had a still yet? Eureka moonshiners, there’s a thought, Eureka plus Dukes of Hazzard — rocket cars!). Where was I, oh the score: 4.5, I think on the EM scale of -6 to +6. Now, if we’ve finished leaving main characters behind in the time stream or etched onto a diamond, can we have some fun?

Good night.


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