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September 14, 2008

Well, there I was seeing what was on that wasn’t football or Phineas and Ferb — songs get too annoying, even though Pongo likes it, and VOILA, there it was, Men With Brooms.  Thank you programming peeps at WGN.  Caught the tail end of it, post the failed moral crisis and the fun parts of lesbian dating side plot, but still good satisfying fun, plus Leslie Neilsen and beavers and curling.  So thank you WGN for a nice treat on a way too hot Sunday afternoon.  I’m trying to think if Men With Brooms is my favorite sports movie — have to watch the entire thing sometime.  The contenders????????  Men With Brooms, Bull Durham, Bring It On (yes, Bring it On), Major League, Bad News Bears (the Walter Matthau original), The Cutting Edge, Chariots of Fire, hhhmmmm, Gentleman Prefer Blondes (if you include Jane Russell tiring out the Olympic team), Take Me Out to the Ballgame (Esther Williams mainly on dry land, plus Sinatra and Gene Kelly)…and where are our sports of the future movies(I suppose Predator might count or Logan’s Run or Rollerball, next newspaper article on roller derby, that should be fun.)  O.K., I’m taking sports movie votes and suggestions folks, so click the comment button and set up my mid October sports marathon.


Batter up.

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