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September 17, 2008

Call from Clive Crook of the Financial Times for the Presidential Race to get back to issues and for McCain and Democrats at large to behave respectfully. Here’s the column.

I am so fed up with the whole mess. McCain has lost my respect; he seems to be more interested in winning than maintaining his integrity. There were several reasons I did not like Obama but now I’m being forced to consider if I am wrongly holding the too emotional enthusiasm of his more vocal supporters against him. So I am going to have to find neutral information and make a more informed decision. Republican volunteers are calling up and asking what is the most important issue: economy and jobs, terrorism, gas prices or healthcare. And I’ve finally figured out the most important issue for me: civil rights. I am appalled at what I am hearing is STILL going on in Minneapolis/St. Paul (Twitter’s great for on the spot updates.) As a country, we seem more inclined to defend the Second Amendment than the First.

Gayle sent me a quote from the Joseph Torsella, President of the National Constitution Center, commenting on a poll that shows Americans reluctant to hand too much power to a president: “I think it’s a basic chord in the American song and it gets louder and stronger depending on what’s happening in the headlines,” he said. The Associated Press article showed up in papers all over the world. This is the most cheerful thing I’ve heard this election season.


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