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September 17, 2008

Eureka almost cracked the perfect score. Just enough tension, just enough revelation, just enough quirk plus politics and really really cool looking extra sun. And then too much heroism — do we have to make Zane an uber male hero type with the weepy Jo all over his shoulder. Come on. Where’s the Jo they started with — why can’t little girl ballerinas grow up to be the heroes. Why is that journey reserved for cool countercultural types that all our Degree buying fan base can relate too? BOO. I want Taggart back and if I can’t have Taggart back can we at least have storylines where Jo is something other than eye candy arm weight — and yes, I’m sure it’s a wonderful emotional breakthrough for the character and great to play for the actress but what about all of us who really liked Jo’s combination of kick ass tough and inner girlie, the part that connected so well with Zoe in the series pilot. That Jo. Surely there are ways to show an emotional journey better than hanging off Mr. I’m the Good Looking Perfect Cool Score SciFi watching Degree inventin’ and wearing nerd. BOO.

Right, aside from that tonight was the sort of Eureka episode I spent most of last season demanding the return of. So thank you for most of it. Carter’s sister is still a great addition; Alison’s character is recovering some of her previous spunk, not sure about Henry but he always was an idealist, Fargo, Zoe, Paulo and the pettiness of politics worked well. My Thorne as a hero thought is starting to look better (at least inside her head) and once again, love the science gone wrong.

So, scoring — well, + for rain and sun, + for school projects gone wrong, + for upping the interest in Thorne angle, – for Carter mostly trying to loom threateningly over her in hallways (I’m a gonna get you…how many times before we get that they are antagonists? Well, happened for me in a nice way when Henry came to Jack after the radiation readings thing), + for democracy, + for quirky town stuff, – for not quirky enough town stud, – for the Degree thing is getting a little annoying…

The more I type, the lower the score gets so we’ll end it at +4 on the EM scale of -6 to +6. A win for The Middleman thanks to less mushiness, Mexican wrestlers and mole — there’s a combination (refer to entry “I Want a Middlecar).


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