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September 18, 2008

Internet still a time sucking engine of chaos — sometimes chaos good; sometimes chaos bad. For a great read about the chaotic effects of butterflies, bellwethers and Barbies, read Connie Willis’s Bellwether. I myself am having a read P.G. Wodhouse urge thanks to the blurb on the cover of the FT Weekend Home and Garden section about Dahlia’s — I keep getting a mangled quote in my head about Bertie’s Aunt Dahlia vs. Aunt Agatha, the one who eats broken glass, small children and howls at the moon — I did say mangled, right.

I think I’ll give up attempts to be obsessively productive this week; finish (actually start) the Roller Derby story due next Tuesday and try again next week. I did get pastelling done and bought cool props for the new Gullible and Twitchy I’m going to shoot as soon as I have another movie night scheduled. I need to do something active like have fun with puppets. Try it yourself. It’s fun. Or at least check out Gullible and Twitchy.

Smallville season premiere tonight — Justice League, Antartica and can we hope Lois. Well, I always do. Cheers.

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