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BAD IDEA #7, #8, #9 & #10

October 2, 2008

#7 ( induced again, Runaway by the Corrs) either turns into a National Run Away from Whatever You’re Supposed to do but don’t want to day(my suggested day(perfected along the shores of Lake Michigan) good but inexpensive lunch of some interesting ethnic food, half price theatre tickets or matinee of an “art film” with time before the start filled in by wandering along the Lakefill/Lakeshore, then popping into an art museum to stare at a favorite painting (any Monet with a river — Thames, Seine — did he only paint rivers that seem like they should rhyme)


Have everyone’s radios turned to Radio Irish Music for a week.

#8 Publish American History in graphic novel form

#9 Figure out what would be the best way to do Black Adder style humor with American history — Tina Fey (or anyone else) welcome to this idea free of charge, although if you mess it up, I know nothing

#10 When the Large Hadron Collider recreates the universe, whoever gets to rebuild entertainment, leaves the original Get Smart alone, darn it. And a no remakes unless it adds something rule is instituted by unanimous vote, along with all of Newton’s and Einstein’s traditional ones. And people vote. And sleep. And individuals matter more than their demographic details. And 1984 isn’t right outside your door or inside your computer.

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