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October 5, 2008

Well, if you’re in the Washington, DC area and you’re reading this Saturday night or early Sunday morning, you can still make SPX, my favorite comic convention. You can get a cool variety of indie art for $40 — or more. I just stick to $5 or less, although this year, I did spring for a $10 item.

Quick highlights(more later):

Book I paid the most for/Laughed out loud the most*: Onion Head Monster Attacks by Paul Friedrich.

Tie for cool nice people/things I will sign up to follow on line: Sticky Rice by John Lucien Grillo and Geeks Next Door by Jessi Bavolcak and Matt Pascal.

T-Shirt I wanted to buy but didn’t fit in the budget: Martin Hsu’s Dragonboy

*I only bought things that made me laugh — good criteria for the spending of cash. Especially when conventions seem to attract comics with zombies and nipples, and probably zombies with nipples. So give me humor, please. Especially if you want my money/attention. Bleeding funny doesn’t count.

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