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October 6, 2008

Well, I did swear off (discussing) politics, religion and sex a month or so ago, but the Mets did not make the playoffs and I feel obliged to finish off the political conversation(and yet not say anything inflamatory about anyone — there’s a quest).  

I’m back to being registered as an independent — the Democratic primary put me off Democrats so I switched parties to vote in the primary (I miss Illinois where you could register independent and vote in the primary of your choice), the Republican convention put me off Republicans so I once again (thanks to the helpful volunteers at my alternate office) switched.  

I am disappointed that two women who were/are viable candidates don’t seem to meet my criteria for someone I want in charge of the country.  I am also disappointed that there really is no political party that reflects my views. The amount of money being spent on the election appalls me; the venom that seems to get spewed also appalls me.  I will say so far that Obama has seemed to keep an even keel; I can respect that.  But by the time the election rolls around, I don’t know if I’ll have any respect left for any of them. Or if one will be the leader this country needs. I’m being forced to found my faith on the orignal three part design of the government and hope that if anyone really screws up, Congress will step in — I think that might be an indication of desperation mixed with frustration.

So my conclusions: think seriously about this, vote your conscience — even if you have to write someone in; Bill Bradley was my presidential choice for a few elections, but VOTE, and if you want to pick a fight/have a serious discussion with someone, visit the Barking Carrot; she likes a good political tussle.

Now, I’m going back to sports, movies, comics and working. Take care.


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  1. It’s true. I do love a good debate. 🙂 Thanks for pimpin me!

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