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October 8, 2008

Apparently, not only is there an alternate blog (welcome), an alternate office, but now there is alternate Wednesdays, the day when I can look forward to opening up my Tuesday Financial Times and reading James Altucher’s column.  

 Today, we have Warren Buffet, a cheerful bit about demographics and making money off funeral providers as well as the James Altucher method of writing a book. As he, unlike me, has actually been paid to write one, maybe I’ll try it…Let’s see — pick a theme I can get 100 small chapters out of — Creativity; first 25 chapters inspiration; second 25, movies and Shakespeare, third, persistence, and finally, how you can do it too. Throw in a little Machiavelli and Lao Tsu and voila. Or you can just read in In The Bleak December and encourage me to write a sequel so I can finally see where Sally and Jane end up. Meanwhile, maybe I’ll try to track down Altucher’s Buffet book. I seem to be in a business mood — next on my reading table is either Driving Change, a book about UPS or Peter Drucker’s Adventures of A Bystander — yes, while not on line yesterday, I went to the library, always a fun adventure.

P.S. Altucher’s pithy and I hope parodic how to write a book advice misses the most important point: The Catchy Title, something like Creativity, Forsooth for mine, I think.

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