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October 10, 2008

I love (raise right arm in air) “ART CRAWL;”  I might host one.  For those of you who don’t understand that at all, watch the “Flying Fish Zombification” episode of The Middleman.  Watch any episode, especially if you’re a TV programming executive.  But alas, pleas like that are getting nowhere as Google brings up no Middleman news since the end of summer.  So release the DVDs, I’ll host an “Art Crawl” in honor of, and let’s get back to the review.  And if you’re responsible for a Season 2, I’ll send you a cool piece of art.  


Yes, yes I know…enough with the pleading.  It’s just a shame that a show so very well done with excellent writing and acting can’t manage to survive.  I give ABC Family points for giving it a go, but the teen angst network wasn’t really the best fit.  


I think this might be my favorite episode.   It’s just perfect with the Sensei Ping references and Ida at that perfectly tuned level of robotic harassment and The Middleman with his darn chirpy cheekiness on the side of what must be done and done well and the excellence of the verbal and physical comedy.  Both MiddleMatt and MiddleNat fight funny, fall funny and (pause for broadly comic gesture) !!!! funny.  This one’s just full of fun phrases I could quote at you all night:  “Art Crawl,” “Dr. Barbara Thornfield, MD, PHD,” “Do you want to shoot me in the head?” ” W:  “Entrail  ripping, brain chewing zombies?  MM:  The very same.  W:  Cool”  “A mysteriously urgent and time consuming form of temping.”

Still love the titles giving place and time, Wendy’s best art, and I want my Middle Mini Cooper with the Jet Engine on top.  And now we go to scoring:


+++ for Art Crawl, + for the zombie victim interview (great not undeadpan), – for hallway lighting, + for Stump the Band, + for the Devil’s Dance, ++! for !!!!, + for split screens, + plus for flying fish fights, – for Pip (I know everyone needs a nemesis but PIP), + for Ida…yes, I’m blowing out the scale again — on the EM scale of -6 to +6, I give it a 6.5.  Next Monday, I’m keeping the faith with the Varsity Fan Club.  Stop by.

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