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October 14, 2008

Well, Pip at least has more personality than Varsity Fanclub*. The Boy-Band Superfan Interrogation is a solid middle of the lineup batting average episode of The Middleman. I love Lacey doing the Varsity Fanclub dance, followed by The Middleman’s slightly inept bopping along at the concert. He may not have rhythm but gosh darn, he’s got spirit. Love Ida coming out of the box with a robot wrecking punch. And have I previously mentioned how much I enjoy the title sequence — bright peppy fun that reminds me of my beloved Avengers in the Diana Rigg years. I also enjoy (even though still not fond of the lighting) anytime we get a tour of Middle HQ. There’s so many things quietly, quirkly sitting in the background and pushing into the edges of the frame. Can’t decide how I feel about the blocked out foul mouth of the superstalker. Love the fast Huffy though. Clotharians are fun for protocol fiends and a point for the duck butt sans orange sauce hanging in mid-air. Great episode for references: Marvin, Howard, Elroy, Wonder Dog. Good plagiarism reaction from The Middleman, one of those deadpan lines I could quote you the list of all night: “Remember Dubby, people, people like myself, people who are trained can do things, things that hurt.”

The Score: + for excellent Ida banter; +for art crisis, +for recognizing the evil inherent in pop bands populated by extraterrestrial dictators (oh, like there aren’t more of them out there), -for nothing really quirky coming out after the truth bomb, +for Lacey’s Laciness, – for lack of charisimo for the boy band, + for art.

So, I’m thinking +3.75ish on the EM Scale of -6 to +6.

*The low key Varsity FanClub makes me long for the wacky parodic stylings of Boyz ‘N Motion of That’s So Raven fame — “we are the boyz, the boyz in motion, we give you our devotion”. Ah, maybe what the episode lacked was a kicky kitschy catchy song.

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