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October 20, 2008

OK, this week’s Monday night plan is watch The Big Bang Theory, eat some form of comfort food — even though the restaurant (Keo) that supplies me with curry chicken rice is closed on Mondays — watch Top Gear with Gayle while reading the fun sections of the FT Weekend — FT lead art critic Jackie Wullschlager has written one of the better recent Lunch with the FT — and then finish off with The Clotharian Contamination episode of The Middleman, which will mean two weeks of aliens in funny hats and I hope enough laughter to get me over the “I’m coming down with something feeling.” Good thing my comfort food categories usually include the addition of garlic and maybe I can convince Gayle that an apple crisp or some form of cookie will be good for the morale. One can hope. Pongo is also a bit under the weather but he had his Cheetah Girls content last night (yes, Pongo is a Cheetah Girl fan, along with his other passions, Bjork, raw hamburger, and watching ESPN’s First Take on the couch with me) so tonight, he’ll just have to settle for Monday night laughter and raw hamburger.

Where was I? Cookies + The Middleman. I must review blog entries to see if there’s any I missed reviewing or maybe I’ll just rereview a few — the initial ones were a bit bare. Anybody have a suggestion for next week’s? And don’t forget to vote for Gullible and/or Twitchy (see Gullible and Twitchy for President entry.)

Reviews by Wednesday or so. Tomorrow, I’m trying the sun and fresh air approach to feeling better. Cheers.

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