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October 20, 2008

Well, I promised the full round up and as I’m waiting for youTube to process the new Gullible and Twitchy, I’ll give you a quick overview.  Haven’t been down since we bought the house, so had some trouble finding the new location, but big hotel on the outskirts of Bethesda and no longer within walking distance of the California Tortilla (so we did snack, comics  then real food…Gayle sat in lobby reading Elizabeth Peters’ latest Vicky Bliss book and keeping my purchases company).

Usually, there’s a must have hit of the convention t-shirt, but this time it was posters, bright intricate colorful posters under every other person’s (and there were a lot of persons clustered in the aisles) arm. When I found the poster guy, it was a hard choice — great graphics and I really loved some of the black and white stories, but the colors were just too rich to ignore so after much hmmmmming, I acquired “Rock Meets Cloud“which at least had a bit of pirate adventure flair, Mark Gonyea aka Mr. Oblivious is the artist responsible and we had a short discussion about colors — people tell him that blue and brown are going to be hot.

Signed up for the RSS feeds from the previously mentioned “Geeks Next Door” and “Sticky Rice” and am enjoying the thrice weekly updates. Haven’t figured out where to put the stickers or the print yet.

What else is on my desk? A Dave Roman postcard for “Astronaut Elementary“; Rupert by Michael DiMotta, a beautifully illustrated story of a man and his wanting to borrow the car goldfish; “That’s Just Super” by Rob Ullman, about the perils of being a superheroine in love, and Hilary Florido’s perfectly tuned manga take: “I Love Love (too bad I hate you)” — it made the too too short caused me to be surprised by laughter list.

Oh and I have yet to order prints from Paul Friedrich of Onion Head Monster but I’m going to try to make room in the budget for some.

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