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2:03 AM

October 22, 2008

Burning a promised DVD of my movie stuff ( Gullible and Twitchy, Hat Hair, Lonely Pond Productions trailer), including the top secret Jabberwocky near final edit for the NJ nephew and nieces (and my buddy Laurie in Georgia).  This way I can get it off my to-do list and not turn on my computer on the morrow.  Pause for checking that iDVD actually put some content on the shiny disk (And the fun grindy noises begin.) 

Enjoyed the weather today; colors are starting to change and air is that particular crisp clear that comes with October, a visual bite into a Macintosh apple.  Tomorrow, hair cut, I’m thinking of going buzz cut levels of short on the sides, but chilly weather might make my ears reconsider.  

Speaking of apples, have been having half of one each night — we really need to trek down to the apple farm.  I keep buying half gallons of cider I only drink half of (half is our word here for the night at lonelypond — I am currently half asleep).  When I was a kid, a trek to the apple farm meant apple cider donuts.  Now I read the ingredients on the grocery store version and am cured of any cravings. What I like is a nice simple apple crisp with some streuselly stuff on top. Cinnamon season is upon us.  And pumpkins.  And pumpkin seeds on the wind, but that’s another story.

I’ll add TV reviews here, just to score one for insomniac stream of consciousness versus organized for you WordPress wordtag searchers out there.  Oh, and a note, I checked for a Tarrell Alvin McCraney play at the alternate office but none was available, so maybe it’s time to talk to the nice interlibrary loan librarian again.

The Middleman — watched the Clotharian Contamination Protocol again; still funny.  Love all the Dr. Who/Star Trek references, Ida rocks, Fantastic Voyage references good — although if only they’d managed to fit in a Tick/Dinosaur Neil one (note to self, acquire Tick vs. Season One; must see “The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight”  plus second most glorious villain El Seed)– love the initial conversation between Wendy and Tyler by the hot dog stand — The Middleman always does an excellent job when many things are happening at once.  MiddleMatt does a great job of restraint and emotion when listening to Wendy’s Code 47, it really is a darn shame that great writing, great fun and great acting doesn’t equal great second season. Still think Tyler’s too smarmy and thought it odd when Gayle agreed with me, she’s usually a sucker for sentiment.  Next week, I figure out which episode I have yet to review — I’m pretty sure there is one, #3 maybe??????? Or the other one with Roxy???

Still not really missing Eureka much, although I get occasional twitter updates from S.A.R.A.H.  Yes, you too can either follow an artificially intelligent superhouse or lonelypond on twitter — the choices you get with the new generation of social media.

The Big Bang Theory opened well with a great fall by Johnny Galecki into the sofa — true tests of comedians: the fall and the spit take. Fairly solid episode, maybe a little too much Sheldon, although the bit at the DMV was great. Good reactions all round — nice that frequently the actors, especially Cuoco, just get to have these looks, these great great funny looks.

Also, I must confess to straying off the Disney channel to catch the occasional iCarly. Flash does not approve, but at long as it doesn’t interfere with her post medication Disney time, she refrains from actually expressing disapproval — don’t ask, cats are particular about so many things. iCarly is a crazy loud fast moving hoot of a show with small children as crazy as I remember them being. Funny, funny — looking forward to iGo Japan on Nov. 8th.

And it’s 2:44 a.m. and I think that’s enough meandering for now. Good night all. Pick random Shakespeare quote (Google, etc.): “What’s in name? that which we call a rose…”
May rose petals waft in your dreams amid apples halves and October air.

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