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October 28, 2008

Sarah Hemming reviews are a good and bad thing — they give me a view of the edge of what’s happening theatrically and make me maybe want to go see plays (A Disappearing Number) about things like math that I might not be initially inclined to consider, but as these events are usually happening in London, it’s a hard craving to get.

Watched two of the rentals — Prairie Home Companion was elegiac and slow. Actors off stage aren’t always that interesting and combine that with Altman’s loose actor improvisational character building
tendencies and a Guy Noir who hadn’t any zing (and I love Kevin Kline in comedies– as should anyone who has seem “A Fish Called Wanda”) and it just never clicked. So we switched to “Taking Five” which was a hoot, a great fun romp that made very little sense, couldn’t really ever happen and yet was just fun to watch develop (I loved the peacock costume). The Click Five acted very well for a band and excellent performances were turned in by Alona Tal and Daniella Monet. Have had “Just the Girl” in my head for days now; sadly doesn’t have that one so I’ll have to dig out my Click Five CD (yes, I have a Click Five CD) and “scrobble” it. (NOTE: Ah, there is the YouTube video version, click on previous link) What exactly is the etymology of scrobbling…Googlesearch, here I click. might have made it up. Here’s a blog post referencing scrobble and the urban dictionary.

And the rest of my sentences are just turning to goop to wash away in the rain outside; maybe I’ll reedit on the morrow. Very tired day; a little unfocused after vacation. So I’m going to go downstairs, do no math, drink my tea, and then bring Gayle upstairs to fall asleep to the fourth episode of “The Middleman” on my iPod. What else is Monday night for.

And yes, I’m back…guess the time. I’ll make a note..winner gets sketch, DVD or something. Watched The Middleman, fun, review to come…alas, I think it was the last unreviewed episode so now I’ll have to get my comic book guys to order me the graphic novels…there’s so few new cool comic books to order anymore; Friends of Lulu (I spent two years on their Board of Directors) New York List was lamenting DC ending the Minx imprint of graphic novels. I liked the art and the ideas; bought a couple; Clubbing had great art but predictable story, never could bring myself to buy the Plain Janes, but I really enjoyed (Click Five note: “Catch Your Wave” that’s actually the peppy pop blender that caught my ear) ReGifters, tale of love, family and hapkido with a Korean American heroine. Very nice story. Had been thinking about trying the New York Four but never saw it in the store to flip through. just rolled “just the girl” when I typed in Click Five…the telepathic powers of the internet – hey telepathetic is a cool word…hmmm, poser telepath who can’t get a happy thought anywhere — can’t get a date is too often done — hmmmmm…maybe time to write that sci fi book…or go back to short stories…HAT HAIR in telepathetic, there we go…

I was going to expand on my “Taking Five” review before I got distracted by a tangent stream. Good collection of characters, nicely done by director Andrew Waller, script that didn’t hit any of the predictable roadblocks I expected (now listening to McFly, too peppy, skipping, Busted kind of fun — “She Wants To Be Like Me” I like a sense of humor. I hope it’s a sense of humor.) It’s nice to see a movie where it’s just sort of a fun scenic trip into someone else’s world — not too demanding and very entertaining. Good band movies are like that — “A Hard Day’s Night,” “Help,”; good bad band movies are like that although I can’t think of one at the moment…hmmmm…well, I suppose Help and the first season of the Monkees fits in that category; Purple Rain is a category all to itself; Quadrophenia falls into the good bad category I think — we watched it for mod inspiration (also for mod inspiration Scooter Girl, a comic by Chynna Clugston-Major — we need more Blue Monday) for the second revisit of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and ended up with Rolling Stones records which had to be cut because the Mendelsohn and clarinet fairy line was too strong and we couldn’t switch back and forth without slowing down the pace. For the punk rock “Taming” we’re considering for next summer, Gayle’s excited at the thought of iPod assisted DJing.

And the Shakespeare reference makes this vintage late night lonelypond rambling. Hope you’ve enjoyed your visit.

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