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October 28, 2008

And yes, welcome to what I think is the last Middleman episode review…yes, there can be a sigh; there can also be a hope that somehow there will eventually something worthy of the EM scale again. Watched Episode 4 last night, The Manicoid Teleportation Conundrum, with its lovely Dr. Phil parody — major + for that. I think this episode might have had the best music..pause while I see if I can find out who it was…Russian Futurists again, Arm’s Way, Scientific and Islands. The Middleman music and links can be found at heard on tv…it links you from the song to, which is handy — it also links you to various buying options but I’m a test drive first with music.

Back to Middleratings…I think this might be Lacey’s best episode– she doesn’t really do anything except sit around and poke her nose into Wendy Watson’s life and it’s GREAT. Plastic surgery aliens very funny; training day and the Middleman’s excitement about it also fun. Bad boyfriend taste lingering also works.

+ for Rendezvous Point, + for Lacey-Middleman interaction, + for Manicoids, + for training wheels, + for rescue entrance (spaceship plus “clean living was his credo and justice was his ride”), + for day in the life feel, + for timing (Dr. Gil blasted at just the exact right moment), ++ for MiddleMatt’s gleam as he enjoys “training day,” + for Wendy’s interrogation of the droid — The Middleman really excels at things you don’t want to miss going on in the background — +for Xanadu reference, – for cheesy moustache, oh, they’re always a minus, unless one turned up on Ida.

And the score, on the EM scale of (-6 to +6): +5.5; good all around episode, chock full o’ Middlelore. We like it. I think I’m going to have to go back and watch the “Cursed Tuba” episode and see if I like it better the second time around.

As the Middleman might say, “walk with purpose” folks and have a darn good time.

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