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November 7, 2008

Things I am looking forward to this weekend:

iGo Japan (actually on On Demand, but decided since I put it in my iPod for Sat., I’m watching it then)

Renting a new and unpredictable movie (suggestions?)

Being able to buy KungFu Panda(Hellboy 2 also available)

Cooking in — fajitas, maybe butternut squash and apples, maybe beet risotto — tastes good and cool color

No political ads

Long walks with leaves both colorful and fallen



Cookies — hmmmmm, maybe I can get Gayle to try out a molasses cookie recipe

Taking Pongo out for a walk — he’s been in his sick room for too long and everyone should enjoy the weather

Seeing my little brother (come on Beau, visit)

Reading a Sunday paper

Having NOTHING — I REPEAT NOTHING — scheduled for Sunday (can you tell I have too many things loaded in my iPod’s calendar function)

Downloading De Blob for my iPod (as soon as I track down free WiFi — will also probably qualify under tea) or playing Tony Hawk on the Wii

Watching another Middleman with Gayle (she slept through half so they’re new to her)

Leaving my computer off for at least 24 hours (you know you’ll miss me)


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