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November 7, 2008

Caught the tail end of a Dr. Who this morning — Shakespeare both nearly destroys and probably saves the universe — with witches, because who can’t have enough MacBeth references –and realized what I don’t like about the modern Dr. Who take — they’re a bit twee about working British history in — how cutesy can we be about Shakespeare, Queen Victoria, Dickens…name your historical figure/period…and what is twee, another one of those fancy words? No it’s the perfect word: (definition thanks to; if you want the racy ones, check out Urban Dictionary yourself) “chiefly British : affectedly or excessively dainty, delicate, cute, or quaint ” so I stand by my word — it’s very very twee to have Shakespeare save the world with a Harry Potter spell…and if they’re not being the “T” word, there are DALEKS. Now, Daleks are great and wicked scary, but a person can only have so much salt shaken into their science fiction diet.

And yes, the early years of Dr. Who could be clunky and everyone in the universe occasionally seemed to be RSC trained actor with the big voice, but there was a level of visual imagination that now seems to have reversed, going from a macro universe to a micro fitting of the Doctor into British History. And it’s too large a dose. I miss the Brigadier.

Next grump: Star Trek…everybody’s on about the “bromance” potential of the new Spock and Kirk (and “bromance” is a word we can do without — Entertainment Weekly called it “bromantic” and it took me a moment to realize it was nothing at all related to the word bromide — stick to mutual man crush if you must, at least that doesn’t sound chemical or like anything I might catch)… I have no objection to the Spock-Kirk heroic support system, but one of the reasons I loved the original Star Trek was for the McCoy-Spock mutual snarkiness society and so far no one seems to have remembered that existed. Kirk always got the alien babe; Spock and McCoy were too busy keeping the house from falling down while he was off being heroic, house being the Enterprise.


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