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November 9, 2008

Well, Gayle’s putting the finishing touches on dinner (I chopped garlic and zucchini and made my marvelous secret recipe cheese mashup), my interviews are done so I have time for a quick iGo Japan review and you have a chance to see it tonight if you missed it — 7 p.m. on Nick, 10 on the 3 hour plus digital cable channel version of Nick).

Started off funny, but a bit brutal — Sam throwing things at Freddie again; good showcase for Spencer, learning Japanese via the electroshock method. Freddie’s mom once again proved she can be quite funny.

They spent their movie budget on stunts, I think. Lots of falls, lots of fights, lots of funny. 1st half hour B+ for funny, second half hour a little slow, last half hour rocked — the Japanese comedy duo does better at evil than funny and I think the iCarly creative team missed a HUGE opportunity by not translating their talking/fighting into English subtitles — just imagine, massive and angry words back and forth, with English subtitles saying : I like your new tatoo; these Americans are so clueless; blah, blah, blah; should my hair be mauve, I think my hair should be mauve; will the blonde eat the seat covers if we keep driving; Will she eat her shoes? Comic opportunity missed and slow half hour as a result.

However, when Freddie’s mom reveals how they can find Freddie, iGo Japan swings into top gear in its last half hour, and we get A+ interaction with Japanese security guards, more fighting, more falling and Carly and Sam reenacting their adventure in an attempt to overcome the language barrier. Funny funny funny. So watch at least part, just not the middle part.

The True Jackson preview started off falling funny and apparently that’s going to be a motif. Good. Everyone in the cast seems to be able to manage that test of a physical comedian’s skills. Good to see Keke Palmer, she did seem to have more mischief in her makeup than Jump In allowed — funny flashes in music videos — she managed the sharp fast talking humor well. The only drag was when they stopped for a serious moment — just skip those; it doesn’t seem to be what Nick Teen shows do. And why waste a minute you could spend being truly funny. I hope they bring the Cricket character back — a good bad secretary/assistant is a great thing.

And now, to spend fifteen minutes on my article before dinner. Cheers.


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