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November 11, 2008

Well, the Big Bang Theory has given up on anything but Sheldon vs. Penny and it’s working — very very funny. Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons have great chemistry and both have legendary comic timing. I loved when Penny did the 3 part knock on Sheldon’s door; Raj and Howard on the supermodel trail a good sidenote and Johhny Galecki seems to be sliding quite nicely into the whisper of reason role.

Still watching The Middleman on my iPod and lamenting its lack of a future. Have decided I need to upgrade my rating on the Tuba and Puppet episodes; Lacey and The Middleman do such a delicate and nuanced dance of attraction that it is actually delightful to watch. And how could a show with someone as exuberantly joyful and sexy as Brit Morgan’s Lacey(and I usually skew brunette) get cancelled. Come on people. Gayle at least wants it out on DVD. I want a second season. I’ve been remembering scenes and not remembering which episode they’re from — I think next on the Middle agenda is watching the Kevin Sorbo one, although maybe I should watch a Roger Moore James Bond or In Like Flint just to get in the mood.

Anything else while I’m on the TV track — Smallville. Nice to see so much of Erica Durance, but have faith in your actors and get better darn writers. Having the villian of the week telling Lois and Clark (pick a different one each week) they have feelings for each other is a cheap excuse for a relationship. Show it, don’t tell it — isn’t that even in the basic scriptwriting books so EVEN if you substituted formula for talent or effort, the Smallville scribes should still be doing it right. But they aren’t. No one’s actively keeping secrets from anyone and that’s so not Smallville. I never thought I’d miss Lana, but I do. Kristin Kreuk’s Lana was actually allowed to be amused by things, even while withholding information. I miss that. But don’t mistake that for an I miss Clark and Lana. I don’t. I miss storylines that are driven by things that matter to the characters and I think a Smallville driven by the Jimmy-Chloe-Doomsday triangle is a Smallville that doesn’t work.

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