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November 12, 2008

The iCarly next episode blurb involves “pie” which causes me to think, gee there should be pie on all of the shows I watch (and in my icebox). Pies that then develop into that beloved standard of comedy, the pie fight. And yes, The Great Race hard to beat, but wouldn’t it be fun to see Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and the science gang try over at The Big Bang Theory or mix a little red kryptonite into the whipped cream on Smallville or — let’s go for a stretch here — well, wizard sized walking pies on Waverly Place or pies plus Muppets plus Cheetah Girls on Studio DC Almost Live or the pie episode of Ace of Cakes — they’ve done cupcakes and cookies, why not — or RayLo versus Kordell and Jamal(their tailors would weep) on the First Take First Annual Super Pie Bowl. And why don’t food fights factor in the Bond films — haven’t they seen Tom Jones?

Pick your flavor, turn your back, take ten paces and…


I’m packing butterscotch.

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