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November 13, 2008

Doing the egomanical insomniac Googlesearch dance and happened to stroll into Dublin — you can really travel at night, even without the broom, which must be kept fresh for curling or Quidditch — Dublin in the form of Pieces of Stew, which led me to the blogroll which led me to the Ray Foley Show blog which led me follow FoleyRadio on Twitter after assuring myself they were usually 140 bits of at least moderately amusing which led to and I’ll have to quote “The Pointy Adventures of Jean-Claude Supremo” which has great pictures, which led back to Stew which led to looking at the November Dublin Gigs entry, where I was hoping to find new music but Lykke Li’s already on my list, Top Gear Live would require non insomnia fueled travel so that brought me to Fionna Regan at Vicar Street on Nov. 28th
which led to — as these searches often lead to funny, yes oddly funny things occasionally having to be translated from the French– one video and then another.

So thanks Stew for the Surf Dublin tour and two excellently amusing videos (also “put a penny in the slot” which makes me think maybe whoever directed the Sara Bareilles “Love Song” video liked it also, although that may be a totally libelous comment as I have no idea what the production dates were for either — and images do occasionally just float down into multiple heads from the ether. But I am allowed one pre midnight bout with slanderous insanity or inanity, yes?

Bon soir(not translated from the French).

Morning after note: I knew the first video reminded me of something — the “Eres La Musica” video Mota did for the Disney Channel and High School Musical 2. Regan’s definitely plugged in somewhere.

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