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November 17, 2008

Did not crack open the minty fresh Kung Fu Panda DVDm but did “Rip The Wrap*” on Adventures in Babysitting. We kept wandering by the $5.50 movie mini wall at Target and Gayle would go “oohhh Sabrina” and I would say “must get Adventures in Babysitting” and never be exactly sure why. The weeke before it went down to $4.75, I acquired my copy and we watched it on Friday — Saturday being reserved for the pie episode of iCarly –more on that further down. Well, I thought the main role was played by Kristy Swanson when it was actually Elisabeth Shue but once that was sorted out, the fun began.

It was a riot — a fun visit to both Chicago and the hairstyles of the late 80’s. Great soundtrack…plus the scene that embedded itself in my deep deep memory — “Babysittin’ Blues” — a tour de force of panic and performance. The heroine, of course, chooses the wrong guy(I call it the Ivanhoe effect, although with Ivanhoe, it was the wrong girl) — George Newbern’s frat boy beats out the classy but felonius Joe Gipp (Calvin Levels). Great adventure, solid performances. Good comic turn as the runaway, totally spooked best friend by Penelope Ann Miller. Now my soon to see again list of movie favorites includes The Shadow, Year of the Comet (can’t find on DVD) and The Saint.

Opening sequence where Elisabeth Shue dresses for a date and sings along to “Then He Kissed Me” (I believe) made the Lizzie McGuire Movie and Camp Rock openings look derivative (although Hilary Duff falls funnier than nearly anyone else currently in the business) — but it’s not derivative if it’s an homage to a classic, right. Anyway, pick up “Adventures in Babysitting” for $5.50 or $4.75. It is a classic — and if you don’t want to admit that sometimes you like movies without explicit sex and gore and very serious drama, then save it for some time when you’re feeling under the weather and want coddling. You’ll laugh and that’s always good medicine.

Oddly enough, the new Hannah Montana anticipated my call for the flinging of food with Miley tossing cooked chickens around, always fun, although Miley Cyrus isn’t my first choice for a physical comedian. Jason Earles ducks funny though.(NOTE TO DISNEY: Flash misses the old theme song) iCarly vs. pie wasn’t the physical pie flinging fest I had expected — Sam was reliably hungry and caustic (“wake me at quarter to pie”), Spencer was reliably over the top, and Freddy did a very good pie nirvana face while Miranda Cosgrove kept the craziness centered as usual. But considering how well all the actors do physical comedy and that they had 40 plus pies sitting around the apartment, too little craziness…and the last pie never got flung like a frisbee…ah well, that’s what anticipation and a vivid imagination’ll do for you. Still a solid episode.

True Jackson not quite so funny as the pilot, but that’s to be expected. Now we have to get to know the characters a little…I like Lulu better and Max is great, but Cricket was funny and I think the fanatasy sequence went on a little long and made me long for Wendie Malick’s fashion diva spoofing (Just Shoot Me.)

O.K., now I must write an article about walking tours and figure out dinner. Good night.

*Rip That Wrap –maybe the economy is now ready for this. The idea is instead of going out on a Friday night, you pull an unopened DVD(gift, impulse purchase, fell off a shelf and followed you home, 2 for 1 sale, spontaneously generated) off the top of the DVD pile and try to remember why you wanted it, accompanied by some form of comfort food — we opted for home made fajitas. Originally, I was pushing for a regular once a week event, but once a month seems more likely. Try it this weekend; drop off a review in the comment box.


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