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November 20, 2008

Well, watched the iPie episode of iCarly again and it wasn’t as funny as it was in my cream and custard flinging dreams. But it was bundled together with iHatch Chicks and iPromote Techfoots, two of my favorite episodes (I came upstairs to blog during iLike Him — close to my least favorite episode so far)…chick names are great: Shelly, Heuvo, Benedict, Omelet, Yoko and Poachy; good Freddy lines — “Sam ate them” for example — well, I guess it’s better if you watch the episode. The Freddie’s baby cousin storyline was one of the funnier things in the pie episode; Freddie’s mom is so funny with the deadpan “she does hate you.” Anyway, I could quote iCarly for awhile longer but that would make me hungry for “blubbery” muffins. If you’re not watching it yet and you can stand screaming and mania and running around and actors who can both physical and verbal comedy, well, why aren’t you watching it? The iGo Japan ratings were very respectable, highest for a Nick movie, so maybe they’ll make an iGo London soon.

What else? Big Bang Theory survived fairly funny without direct Sheldon-Penny confrontation so points for that. Rotate the talent a little. Mix up your pitches. It’s the way to make it to the big game. Liked the Mars Rover in a ditch bit, especially the call AA exchange. Nice to see Leonard and Penny as friends; glad there’s no lingering dating awkwardness; the Spock thing went on a bit too long but Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock is one of those phrases that gets funnier every time you say it.

Did I mention I was looking forward to Lana’s appearance on Smallville. That’s very strange for me and an indication that things are not well in the Superverse. More fun, more banter, more Lois, more heroics, a more cheerful and more often seen Green Arrow, and less of the moody lip pursing paramedic/supervillian in training. Kind of sad to see Kara go off, but she doesn’t really fit into to the Metropolis centric storyline. I would like to see Maggie Sawyer back, though.

Oh, for any fans of Flash, she’s off the new Hannah theme song but seems to like The Suite Life on Deck; no comment on iCarly. Patton likes watching basketball with Gayle. Pongo’s solid on Smallville, sports talk in the morning and Home Improvement — he likes guys; my little brother was his best friend when Beau and Pongo were growing up.

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  1. hola carly como estas soy de peru me encanta su programa poooorfa me pueden dar su correo electronico porfa quiero que me muestren su programa es recete exeleeeeeeeeeeente carly mi nombre es valeria sinacay cok amo su programa me encanta me alucina me gusta como te vistes i sus esculturas de espencer me encantan y fredy es el mejor director me gusta la actitud de sam es muyyyyyyy chistosa byyyyyyyyyye

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