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November 21, 2008

Looking at EW’s(and no, the title is not a misspelling) Entertainer of the Year issue and Robert Downey, Jr. is #1…granted he’s had an impressive year, but Tina Fey not only impacted an election, but she revived Saturday Night Live, giving it buzz it hasn’t had in years. I was interviewing a storyteller for an unrelated article and he threw in an “awed by Tina Fey” comment. EW readers voted Fey #1 and I think the editorial staff should have stuck with them instead of dropping her to #2. Blame it on a bias against writers or a predilection for pretty boy faces on the cover (Robert Pattison — Twilight– is in the rising stars photo shoot and Kristin Stewart isn’t)and bad boy does good stories between the covers, but I think Fey deserved the top dog spot.

Interesting to try to picture a Guy Ritchie, Robert Downey, Jr., Jude Law and Rachael MacAdams Sherlock Holmes though — with an emphasis on the kung fu moves…hmmm.

And the strangest when world’s collide moment — Chris Martin of Coldplay enthusing about wanting to play banjo on a Miley Cyrus song as the opposite cool thing he could do after collaborating with Jay-Z. Miley should catch him while he’s in this mood.

And now I have the Jonas Brother’s(#9 entertainers) “Love Bug” in my ear again; time to go back to sports.

Didn’t keep the Entertainment Weekly subscription; I don’t want to read about Mad Men and Twilight and Heroes and then have to stare at their faces on the recycling pile. I like to keep it for light reading at the alternate office. Although, I might spend a bit more time exploring their website.

I find the Very Short List gives me an interesting one shot a day assortment of entertainment and other news.

On a Coldplay note, I think you could listen to the amazing “Viva la Vida” for days and create universes.

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