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December 1, 2008

Well, what have I done tonight — gotten my character killed three times in World of Warcraft because I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what to do — the highly amusing part of that is that I got talked into it by my 7 year old nephew and presumably he’s managed to survive. My mistake was not scheduling an in-game family meetup so that someone with actual experience/weapons/healing spells would have my back. Then there’s the listening to, reading the twitterific window when it pops up, trying to animate a new Christmas themed cartoon in both ToonBoom Studio Express and FlipBoom and not having any luck at either — although I love the crispness of the colors and lines in Studio Express and should probably sit through the tutorials…but I’m best at the apprentice approach, following someone around and learning by doing, then diving off the deep end before I’m totally comfortable and going from there. What else, pre WOW, there was the researching Quebec History in 1889 — Bulldogs (the Hockey Team that apparently invented the net(hockey, not inter, although it was in French so no guarantees), landslides and “warehouse stores” in Montreal.

And then there was the Lisa Loeb song that made me think writing a country song was the solution to my possibly late night rain induced mood so I caught up on my other blog and am here admitting that writing not drawing is what calls to me tonight…maybe haikuing

How in the heart does a song start
Take the heat meets the beat
Then the beat meets street
And the street rides the heat
While the beat pounds on
A song jaunts
to the street heartbeat
turn the heat on
riding the beat
while the heart street

Not a haiku and no one could turn that into a country song;’s gone Blossom Dearie, which is the best name for a lounge singer ever…close race with Eartha Kitt, which is the best name for a Catwoman ever.

Anything else tonight — one of my twitter peeps is fascinated by parallel universes which will probably lead to strange dreams, watched Big Bang Theory on DVD — had a marathon over Thanksgiving — Beau had never really seen a full episode. As I was trying to sleep Thursday night the soundtrack in my head was a combination of the Friends’ (Beau’s a big fan) theme song, the BBT theme and the Northwestern (we’re going to a bowl game, baby) fight song, so I think he watched them long into the morning.

Googlequested for ToonBoom Animate reviews (couldn’t make the launch party), clicked back through blog trackbacks and ended up with speculation — pause RODRIGIO y GABRIELA are amazing; see them and be awed — that there might be a Wizards of Waverly Place movie; Disney’s setting their New Year’s Eve party on the Wizards set, advertising started tonight. I want Disney to have a special holiday treat of showing High School Musical 3 on TV so Flash will stop wandering sadly with her tail in its melancholy pose whenever they play a Zac Efron video bit from the current movie. Also spent some time on the iCarly website looking for news of new episode as I suffered iCarly withdrawal on Saturday, but only read Freddy’s not terribly convincing Black Friday tale and couldn’t text a “shirt suggestion.”

So, is that everything or at least 2:36 a.m.’s worth. I suppose so. Now I’m off to find something to read. Have to dig out a Ngaio Marsh book — I suddenly remembered that the Roderick Alleyn/Agatha Troy courtship was one of the things that inspired In The Bleak December. But now is not the time to start reading a mystery. They keep me awake. There’s a song thought: The mystery of you sneaks through my night and steals my sleep away. So sneak quieter or be less mysterious. Your choice.

Good night all. (Lenny Welch “Since I Fell For You” — I love the way the song swings through sadness and madness — hey, he’s a Jersey guy…so many of the cool cats are. Did I just write cool cats — alas that’s what’s you get at this turn o’ the hour. So I’ll be turning myself in.)

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