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December 3, 2008

I never say things like that unless I get mad — and then I’m venting, usually privately and it’s only an of the moment thing — and like my father, I only get mad at family. Everyone else is an unknown quantity with no vested interest in your happiness and chock full of unpredictable and occasionally weird behaviors (remember I work with actors and have been known to hobnob with poets — not always the same as people who write verse). I seem to be hitting the impulsivity Bermuda Triangle(intentions go there and rarely return)these days as we have just discovered that Gayle has ADHD, which means there’s a reason she says things and doesn’t do them. There often is.

Anyway, I know there are people out there who live only for news of James Altucher so here he discusses why not to shout “it’s a robbery” in a public place with money, things that don’t make sense in the market — like companies with lower values than their cash on hand — and said companies to watch/buy.

He also suggests to cheer yourself up by taking your cell phone camera and taking a picture of the most beautiful thing you see each day. For, me the cheering activity(and I needed one because apparently Pongo had a stroke yesterday and is at the vet seeing if he’ll recover — we hope so) is to take myself out for a walk and then write something so we went for a walk (gloriously sunny almost Octoberish day), threw around a bright blue mini football and I haikued on the way home (see previous entry).

Everyone has quirks; the key is to learn them, know what to expect, and occasionally allow yourself to be surprised by one of those glorious exceeding all expectations moments (Christmas, opening night, birthdays, random days in September or March, conjunctions of planets and the crescent moon). I hope you have them, even in this grim time as the year swings into a new arc.

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