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December 8, 2008

(From the original blog verbatim but with a paragraph break – get some blogging software withoutabox and yes, I’m in a mood — hi):

Have missed you all — quick roundup — some sadness, Pongo the cat had a stroke and died last week so things have been a little rough around here…still haven’t recovered my FlipBoom mojo. Had the annual meeting and agreed that yes, we want to keep doing movies. Pushing via the Blogverse for Disney to broadcast High School Musical 3 over the holidays and cheer Flash up. Want to rip the wrap on Kung Fu Panda sometime soon. Playing World of Warcraft with the little brother and enjoying it — I miss playing games with family and friends. Thanksgiving was great for that.

Had a good time at DreamWrights last night; good to see Diane, excellent performance by the gentleman playing the grown up Tiny Tim. Have decided people should write better children’s plays — or just better plays, Madeline L’Engle always said she just wrote good books, not specifically children books — so that the often times very good acting you can find at community theatres can be helped by good lines and great characters. Another quest to add to the to do list — I have the outline of a tall tale play — who doesn’t love the Wild Wild West — well, yes, anyone with an ounce of compassion and an awareness of history, but tall tales can be fun and wacky and…well, this is going to turn into a doctoral level thesis on how everyone’s childhood is a morass of things that can’t be tolerated today but that’s just because I’m annoyed about the whole day without gays things…if I take a day off, the only person I hurt is myself…Marches on Washington I can get behind, but you really should be careful about language choices. Leadership doesn’t come from anything that can be interpreted as the act of a sullen and immature person. Leadership comes from seizing the seat that you deserve as much as the person next to you, and then, letting them sit in it because their packages are heavier than yours. Anyway, forgive the rant and do your best work on Dec. 10th, gay or straight. That’s how you change the world.


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