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December 16, 2008

Monster Energy Drink commercials are up and you, loyal reader and James Altucher fan, get to review them here.

I have to write an article first. I did briefly consider trying out my animation program and a can of the stuff transforming itself into a monster but that would have involved 1. buying a can of the stuff and 2. ACTUALLY learning to use Studio Express and December’s been a broke and busy month.

They’ll be posting the winner and the next contest on the weekend. My suggestion for the next contest? Glad you asked — something that will fit in the next Blink Kitty Love video aka something I or the band can have a crush on — how about Seattle? Shakespeare, sadly wouldn’t qualify as a crush, it’s more a long standing relationship. Fred Astaire — with the new book and Zac Efron wanting to grow up to be a little like him, Mr. A’s suddenly a topic with potential, but alas also a long standing relationship. Hmmm, well think it over JungleSmash guys and come up with something that will inspire me. Or at least make people dance.

Now, late night editing/writing about carolers and then maybe more blogging. Cheers.

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