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December 19, 2008

Well, that was the question I posed in line at the alternate office while we were waiting to buy the $4.99 everything punk book. Gayle’s response: “really great clothes.” So now my Taming of the Shrew vision includes Kate in a soft grey velvety top hat spraypainted with some fun stuff and with some taffeta/crinoline throw in under tails somewhere( and of course gloves up to the elbow and a really kicking guitar)…now, Diane won’t even let me take hats outside of the theatre(we perform outside and Diane fears weather) and Rebecca would cringe at radically “altering” clothes so I guess I’m on the hunt for someone who makes hats and would be willing to donate seconds to a REALLY good cause(apparently Rebecca, wonder that she is — note if you ever find an amazing costume designer, render whatever tribute necessary to keep her — has a top hat pattern and says the Oriental Trading Company has them in colors)

And why does Fred come up. Review of Joseph Epstein’s latest book about him in The Economist. I don’t agree with the reviewer’s take on Ginger Rogers, but I’ll probably try to find the book. The alternate office had Astaire’s biography (which the reviewer probably should have mentioned/referenced) Steps In Time which if I don’t have a copy of, I’m going back to buy. Astaire might become a hot topic; Zac Efron’s been dropping his name occasionally and Astaire’s dances are classic. Everyone mentions Swing Time, but watch “The Barkleys of Broadway;” ten movies and everything you need two excellent actors/dancers to tell you about relationships is contained within the universe that is “They Can’t Take That Away From Me.”

Steps in Time contains a forward by Ginger Rogers that might be professionally affectionate, but is very gracious. The Economist reviewer should watch Stage Door or Monkey Business (great fun) or Tom, Dick or Harry( great Burgess Meredith performance)– Ginger Rogers did just fine without Mr. A. But together, yes, they were magic.

May be forced to watch Holiday Inn, not one of my favorite Fred movies, but will also do double duty as assuaging my urge to watch a holiday themed movie — we have yet to buy the Desk Set or Bishop’s Wife on DVD and it’s a week before A Christmas Story starts its 24 hour run.

Or maybe I’ll just watch The Bandwagon, because as much as I love Fred + Ginger, The Girl Hunt Ballet is phenomenal and funny and Cyd Charisse had the very nicest of legs and the very very nicest of dancing skills.


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