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December 23, 2008

Hey kids, we’ve got a warehouse, let’s start a radio station…which is Radio Free Roscoe — discovered it on The N last week when I was trying to find new post breakfast company. And voila, it disappears this week, which bites. ESPN FirstTake isn’t cutting it anymore — Pongo used to listen to it actively so I miss his ears cocked at the TV and Flash prefers fiction/Hannah (Gayle claims the new kitten likes the Food Network). I like new(to me) content + rebel radio + guitar.

Currently, I’m sitting here in my office with the headphones on watching clips from the first episode on youTube and thinking yes, I like this, where did it go? Guess I’m going off the Disney Channel a bit and entering a Canadian TV phase — the girl playing Lily(Kate Todd) was one of the brighter spots on “Life With Derek”(a Gayle favorite). And I’m thinking it stinks to find something you like, want to know more and not be able to. Completely goes against the obsessive + artistic personality grain. There is a first season highlights DVD Amazon still lists through other sellers. I may have to acquire it. iTunes has never heard of it.

Actually what I’m also thinking is 1. I need cooler wall decorations and 2. why isn’t my two toned Alesis recommended by Jeremy (Red Sea Radio’s CD is available for download, song samples as well) microphone purchased for the purpose of podcasting is not plugged into its USB port so I can be talking into it. Radio was always something I thought about — but by the time I hit college, I’d burned out on school sponsored activities. Gayle and I used to drive up to Waukegan for movies — when love first strikes, long car trips to see silly movies can be exciting — and I would fill the air with a running commentary about movies, music, etc — The Midnight Maverick at WHWD (for Hollywood) strikes again…

So tonight on Radio Lonelypond you get thinking as your word for the night, Skye Sweetman singing the Radio Free Roscoe theme, with a “Goodbye Firefly” shout out to Jeremy and a riptide ofSinking Cruise Ship Rescue Drama because they’re my musical crush of the moment and if a large boat hits an iceberg in a Blink Kitty Love episode, you, loyal readers, will know wherefore.

And that means why. But I can’t help you with how, when or what. Who I leave up to you. Good night. And we’re off the air for the night. Swing by some lonely morn. We’ll be here.


From → insomnia, mulling, Nick, TV

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