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January 2, 2009

Lastfming (once I take my computer off mute); first song Esperanza Spalding’s Perazela, I don’t think I’m alert/awake enough for scatting so let’s try again. Ah, now Sigur Ros’s Vaka…so if I’m suddenly sounding Icelandic you’ll know why.

Pulled out the rough draft of what I shall be referring to as “THE MYSTERY.” As aforementioned, I was disappointed that I haven’t been able to work on it at all. But having ditched the actual paying freelancing gig to work on the projects I’ve been neglecting for phone tag, I am going to start reworking it — first step reading it and deciding which of the multiple narrators to save/alter. It was inspired by my Chet Gecko/Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew phase as well as the nieces and nephews so for those of you hoping for The In The Bleak December sequel, we’re not there yet. But I think you’ll still enjoy this one once I’ve improved it a little.

I always hand write the first draft — this time in medium sized cardboard covered Moleskin notebooks (7 total) that fit handily by the side of the bed. Then I use typing it into the computer as a way to clarify and distill the initial inspiration. This one may be due for another hand written take; I’ll know more once I read it.

I will be taking a break for my Chinese New Year art meditation in a couple of weeks. My acupuncturist has copied for me some commentary on the Ox Herding pictures, classics of Zen Buddhism but is encouraging me to find better art than the small printed version online. I’m hoping to do a couple of animations as well as returning to more traditional art forms as well (last year my first Toon Boom test was a Year of The Rat animation — Studio Express didn’t work; FlipBoom did and we fell in love.)

Had my standard audition nightmare about the upcoming “Taming Of The Shrew” (they usually happen about six months before the actual auditions). This time, I was underprepared, couldn’t find scripts in the strange high school type office while the unfamiliar auditorium was full of actors, some of them professionals, I think. Some years, the nightmare is I’m prepared and nobody shows up. Underprepared makes sense after my sabbatical year from theatre. Moliere will help with that, although I think “The Miser” might be a difficult warm up as I’ve never done French farce before. But I have done an excellent “The Importance of Being Earnest” so I’m going to try to channel that.

Want to relax and have nothing on the schedule this weekend. Broke so lots of cooking in with maybe a little Mexican takeout and perhaps a visit to Starbucks for tea on the way to or from a two dollar movie (I haven’t watched anything on the big screen since High School Musical 3 opened and that’s too long.) Will also be playing World Of Warcraft with the little brother and trying to get a group together for dungeon questing — anybody playing in Arthas and nearing Level 40?

I’ve sicced the little brother on The Girl Who Leaped Through Time quest. He’s my other anime resource and has a NetFlix account so check back in February or so for a review. Mel has loaned my SteamBoy for my next bite of anime.

Bonus Big Bang Theory last night. Sheldon and Penny and the online role playing game — priceless stuff when Penny breaks into to Sheldon’s bedroom and Leonard catches her on the way out.

Looking forward to Nick’s Kisses and Misses new eps this weekend. I’m thinking Gibby gets to kiss somebody interesting; Gayle doesn’t see how Freddie and Sam could possibly work. Caught part of iGo Japan again — still some great stuff at the end and Freddie’s mom is comedy gold.

And thank you to whoever runs The N’s programming and has a wicked sense of humor for putting Radio Free Roscoe on all next week from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. That’s my prime sleep time. Stay tuned to see if insomnia or RFR wins.

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. One of my favorite songs (New Radicals “Someday We’ll Know” will be playing us out.

Oh and the FT’s been a bit dull over the holidays, although I have been enjoying The Economist’s year end issues. And when Entertainment Weekly offered me a year for $10, I caved. Gayle apparently likes when I read out highlights and the Hit List guy is funny.

NB: Interesting thing about The Economist’s one page summary of things going on in the World in 2009. The only movie or TV show to make an appearance on it is Star Trek XI. Right up there with the Oscars, The Venice Biennale and Asterix’s 50th birthday.

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