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January 3, 2009

Excited…may have found new tinged with comedy mystery series while browsing at the alternate office: Christopher Fowler’s Peculiar Crimes Unit. I’m starting with the Ten Second Staircase — yes, there goes my movie money. What do you do with your second to last not big enough to pay any major bills freelance direct deposit? Boost morale and the economy a bit, of course. So I buy tea and a daily cat calendar for the brunette, a weekly planner and mystery for me (all on sale, plus $5 chipped in from the alternate office management), and pick up cheap but great subs on the way home. So yes, there goes my movie money. But compared to the $2 movie theatre choices(HSM 3, Bolt, Role Models, Madagascar 2, Beverly Hills Chihuaha and to really mix it up Quantum of Solace), watching the already rented and due back soon Man On A Wire or The Band’s Visit and maybe finding a new mystery series scores the win.


From → Books, movies

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