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January 6, 2009

Thank you powers that be at The N for returning Radio Free Roscoe to its noon slot for the week so I don’t have to feel guilty for not getting up during my prime sleep time after only an hour and a half of sleep. I did Saturday and it was fun, but made for a weird wired day.

Travis gets on my nerves a little, Parker’s a great addition, anytime there’s Lily + guitar it works and I don’t miss Kim Carlyle. Robbie and Ray have great chemistry and comic banter and the music always sounds great. So I’m looking forward to a little after morning radio break this week.

Nigel Andrews, Financial Times movie critic, has been keeping the fires burning over the holidays. Between the Gaza situation(yes, this is an appalling understatement of the horror for everyone involved but if you want someone who delves into that, this isn’t the blog for you) and the general holiday malaise, the FT hasn’t been that fun to read, but Andrews for the past three weeks has been making his reviews seem like a conversation he’s having directly with me as well as really making excellent use of the language and the review form — one of the things that I adore about the FT is that they hire reviewers who excel at being succinct, interesting and provocative.

From Andrews “The Reader” review — I love the last line here: “The still, sad music of humanity – surely that should have been The Reader ‘s score. We hear it in Winslet’s performance at least, at once contained and tremendous, at once filigree in touch and fully wrought in thought and being.”

His North Face review makes me curious to see a film I might not be naturally inclined toward and giving me the gift of having read a review that at the same time teaches me something about film making.

And he seems to be the only person calling Twilight what it is — a blood rush for the interested audience while making a very entertaining religious comparison.

So thank you Mr. Andrews for the edification and amusement. Brightened my holiday season. And now I head back to my regularly scheduled afternoon. Weekend TV reviews later, plus why for Christopher Fowler peculiar might equal obvious. Cheers.

  1. seems likely that they will come out with a Twilight sequel pretty soon, there’s a crazy lot of ticket sales at stake

    • Sequel now appears to mean “crazy lot of ticket sales;” I’m sure they’ll be updating dictionaries soon. They canned the director though and a lot of the reviews I read seemed to focus on her so interesting decision.

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