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January 7, 2009

Kisses and Misses Saturday on Nick was fun; maybe my favorite iCarly episode so far, nudging iHatch Chicks by a beak. Good Sam and Freddie interaction; nice to see Sam CARING, especially when you’re a person who occasionally fears her inner Sam will leak out and start slamming people into lockers again. Always nice to see Gibby; loved the teen movie spoof. And yes, Freddie and Sam kiss and the show will survive — go Team iCarly.

True Jackson — like the actor playing Jimmy better than when he was playing Max on Life With Derek. Solid episode, not spectacular but some good Ryan and Lulu comedy. My favorite True Jackson episode so far…hmmmm, tough one…want to watch the entire Ryan on Wheels episode before I vote. Need to rent Longshots and Akelah and the Bee sometime.

The Miss — Christopher Fowler’s 10 Second Staircase. On page 65 the who and the why came to me with sudden, startling and annoying clarity. If you want A LOT of London history and commentary on both the gap between the young and the “experienced” and modern shock art that could perhaps be edited down a bit, then enjoy. I’m pulling an Agatha Christie or a Ngaio Marsh off the shelf, or actually writing down the name of the author the author of my latest on sale literary cocktail book admires and see if he’s a gimlet dream or someone I can find in a bookstore. Might also pull out The Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter and) to revel in JK Rowling’s mastery of plotting — it’s all there in the dream and it was so wonderful to get to the end and have it all click. I do hope she turns her skills to mysteries as was rumored at one point but not the current plan.

Man On A Wire: It’s an amazing story, an amazing man and a wire strung between the Twin Towers…wow. Great story meets great movie. Watch it.

Here at Radio Lonelypond, rolled James Hunter’s Jacqueline, bouncier than I expected so next — skipped a few, now Strong by Velvet Chain (Buffy soundtrack rocks). And the word for the night — clarity. Winter nights are great for that. I love seeing Orion up there and all the stars beyond; really need to put all the telescope pieces together and find a galaxy.

And now, “The Best Thing For You” is of course, all things lonelypond, Ahmad Jamal and a good night’s sleep. Enjoy.

NB: Latest issue of Smallville Magazine plugging a Season 9, but Tom Welling has yet to sign (ScreenRant summary of situation). Legion arrives next week. Cool. Should pick up my comics to commemorate the occasion.

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  1. I too liked the iKiss iCarly episode. Think their spoofing on stuff like the silly kid movie is great stuff. I say it is only the start to the Freddie-Sam dance. Look for bigger things in the future.

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