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January 7, 2009

PART OF A POST FROM THE ORIGIN POND — Surely someone knows this book:

There’s a children’s book I adore called something night/morning I think with floating frogs, no words, just wonderful images and typing Tuesday made me remember it and now I’m going to be on a title hunt. Jabberwocky scheduling happening; read the latest Animation Magazine which is very late which is probably one of the reasons why Delgo had the worst wide release opening ever and has disappeared– sounded kind of cool, different visual style. Guess I’m waiting for the DVD again. Have my brother on the Girl Who Leaped Through Time hunt — hoping for Feb. viewing. Instead of getting depressed about lack of progress and all the shiny glowy animation companies in the magazine, I decided to visualize the Lonely Pond profile. An excellent way to clarify my goals. Now to kick some ass and actually do them.

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