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January 14, 2009

Fancies to your left and furbelows on your right…

Finished the Jabberwocky final edit minus minor special effects yesterday…nice. Sent it off to Jeremy for sound effects and music. Also need to remember to ask him if he can get me a copy of LONELY POND MONSTER(looking for love) sans soundtrack so Gayle can redo it now that’s she’s taking her ADD meds and seems to understand what the problem is (apparently ADD as manifested in Gayle interferes with paying attention to visual things so scoring not the best hobby. But Jeremy’s doing Jabberwocky so we can test Gayle’s attention span later.) Also realized the Skate Street Gullible and Twitchy needs to get done — trying to find music that will inspire me and see if Calvin still wants to help with movie stuff.

Watched the “True Takes Iceland” episode of True Jackson On Demand this morning so I could decide on a favorite episode…loved the random mayhem and the physicality of it — send lots of papers flying and I’m a happy audience, but I think “Ryan On Wheels” wins if only for the moment when Ryan gets on the skateboard and Sheckler pushes him out the door with no warning — very funny, very true, very good.

Looking forward to Neville’s return on iCarly; he does make an excellent villain. Afraid the visit to Amanda’s past themed True will be a collection of bad 80’s jokes and hair.

Actually had a moment of liking Travis(there’s a reason smug and Smog share letters, I believe) on Radio Free Roscoe yesterday when he chatted up a girl with time travel references — and yes, I am that kind of geek/nerd. Best RFR band find last week: The Trews.

Speaking of geek/nerd, The Big Bang theory killer robot/killer Penny great. Plus, the Twitter conversations can be a flurry of fun on the occasions when they happen between the main characters. Raj seems to drive the Twitter interaction.

Column by John Kay about what to teach children about business success(be motivated by passion not greed) and why Woolworth’s failed.

Had my first Moliere conversation of the year; have to decide if the current configuration of the DreamWrights set will work for “The Miser.” I’m pretty flexible; for the summer touring Shakespeare we have a different stage every night — puts some proscenium dependent actors a little off; I think the biggest tech problem will be finding a lighting designer.

And that should catch you up so I can take my fusion tea blend and Radio Free Roscoe break.

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