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January 16, 2009

Well, Kristin Kreuk’s return to Smallville is still a good thing; she added a nice touch of pathos to tonight’s reentry with her halting steps through the battered barn, both haunted by Doomsday’s coming out party. Tom Welling is still excellent, but he seems more and more caught by the constraints of not being a fully fledged hero. Chloe’s zombie bride look/detachment didn’t work for me, although I was surprised by how upset I was at the thought of her being killed by the Legion. Especially as she’s the reason I stopped watching Smallville midway through Season 1 (Lois brought me back in Season 3, but since Season 4 she hasn’t been as much fun/Lois, I think); Chloe has been the character, who even more than Clark, has shown the hero progression in her maturation. Clark seems to have stalled somewhere in the middle of Season 6.

The Legion: so very nice to see them (and yes, I have that same ring)…great opening. They didn’t really give Imra much to do except be serene — and Lana does that better than anyone — and Garth seemed wrong — no flares of temper, way too restrained and granted what I think is actually Cos’s bright eyed awe of the past (great Clark Kent autograph moment though; he so rarely gets to ENJOY his powers anymore; there used to be a wonderful mischief dancing in his eye now and then) — but Ryan Kennedy was an excellent Rokk Krinn aka Cosmic Boy, with the right amount of gravity, charisma and leadership. I think most of the effort was put into his character so that Cos could go head to head with Clark, but the Legion always was unwieldy to write.

There are Season 9 rumors — the little brother said tonight on the phone he thought they had a deal with Welling as well as a season finale script if 9 didn’t click, but I think Smallville has plateaued(as do others). I’d like to see it go out with wit and some fun — there is so very little of that anymore. My suggestion is to strip the Green Arrow of his fortune (’tis the season for that sort of thing) and send him off to Star City with the Black Canary and a teen sidekick. Maybe bring in the Green Lantern. There’s a new franchise for you.

Good night. And Long Live the Legion, even if Jim Shooter and DC have put the comic back into cold storage for awhile. The kids from the future have come back from worse.

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