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January 17, 2009

Recent comment about the Twilight sequel(see Lunch Break entry) had me searching to verify that the Catherine Hardwicke had been replaced and one of the articles I found lists Alice Wu as a wildcard contender. Alice Wu directed this wonderful film called “Saving Face” that I happened across at Blockbuster on one of my indie mood days and fell in love with and paid Blockbuster what they wanted to let me keep it. Time to rewatch. I needed a weekend plan. It’s about love, being gay and dealing with your mother who happens to be pregnant and in a mood — very funny, great performances. Strange place for Twilight to lead. I’m almost tempted to read it just to see what the fuss is about and because I am MAD for new reading material.

Queer Scrobblers Radio on is playing Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time; GREAT song which reminds me of a perfectly tuned, perfect and funny movie, Strictly Ballroom.

I have been thinking about Perfectly Tuned movies, movies where not a thing goes wrong, where everything just meshes. I can’t remember why — probably something Nigel Andrews said in a review and then I couldn’t sleep so I continued mulling. Oh, no, it was the Cary Grant North By Northwest grace of physical movement in acting Washington Post article previously mentioned– great points, read it. I’m giving a copy to The Miser cast when one assembles.

Hitchcock of course tops the list with Rope, The Trouble With Harry and Vertigo, then there’s Noises Off — the funniest comedy ever written in Engish and still great as a movie adaptation, Strictly Ballroom, Memento, Scream 2, Bringing Up Baby, The Winter Guest, King of Masks (this is AMAZING), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, A Fish Called Wanda, Seven Year Itch, Clueless, Man On Wire, Dead Again…hmmmm, well, that’s a list of movies that seem perfectly tuned and yet it’s very different from the list of movies I watch over and over again. Interesting.

Movies I/we watch over and over again: The Shadow, Noises Off (well, I did until I loaned my copy to the third actor last year), DEBS (DEBS is just great + silly + fun), Kissing Jessica Stein (also great + silly + fun), Tomb Raider, 10 Things I Hate About You, Barkleys Of Broadway, Bond movies, yes Bond movies, Jackie Chan movies, yes Jackie Chan movies (Rush Hour 1 + 2, Chris Tucker’s hysterical, plus others. I miss Eric’s Jackie Chan nights — you’re not a Jackie Chan fan unless you’ve seem Fierce Hyenas 2), So The Drama…

and I think that’s enough about movies I watch frequently for a segue that started with a movie I’ve never seen based on a book I’ve never read.

On a non movie note, Radio Free Roscoe does excellent music, integrating it perfectly with the mood and plot. I think that’s another quality that Smallville has lost, the music edge. And that’s a quality that really impacts my enjoyment of shows/movies/anything. The Middleman did an excellent job with music placement, as did Buffy and The Gilmore Girls (sidenote, Entertainment Weekly reports Lauren Graham will be starring as Adelaide in Guys And Dolls in NYC in March. That’ll be quite a show. Break a leg, Ms. Graham). Finding music that resonates with the emotional moment is that extra mark of excellence. I always take care with the music and Shakespeare — he puts so much in already.

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