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January 17, 2009

I was reviewing last night’s movie list segue and realized I’d left Dead Again off the Perfectly Tuned list(and it should be one of the top 3) and Bring It On off the We Watch Frequently List. But talking with Gayle, I realized Bring It On is an example of another kind of movie so rather than reedit last night’s list into oblivion, here’s a list of movies you might dismiss for one reason or another but because of some miracle of chemistry, writing, lighting, knack for comedy, directing, watercolor backgrounds and/or casting are worth watching.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs — Uma Thurman and Janine Garofalo are a truly odd couple.

Bring It On — ditto Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku, plus GREAT soundtrack and Gabrielle Union.

Simply Irresistible — Sarah Michele Gellar makes food sexy while remaining highly disheveled. Plus, it’s just good goofy fun.

High School Musical — perfect chemistry, pure charm, GREAT dancing — the Kenny Ortega effect (see also Cheetah Girls 2)

Head Over Heels — Freddie Prinze, Jr + supermodels + incredibly goofy and the Monica Potter effect.

I’m WIth Lucy — all the worst dates in the world and they’re her — the Monica Potter effect.

Enchanted — oh, it’s just fun…you fall in love with a reggae beat and James Marsden is PERFECT

Lilo and Stitch — heart wrecking and warming, plus gorgeous. You’ll move to Hawaii and hope for aliens.

Get Over It — good bad Shakespeare + (as Gayle points out) world’s best title sequence.

Year of The Comet — must find this; it’s excellent.

Worth Winning — Mark Harmon at his best, mouse olympics and my favorite breakfast recipe.

What’s Up Doc — best chase sequence ever + Barbra Streisand is a top 5 comedienne

DEBS (I know it’s on the other list, but that’s what love does) good, evil, spying, romance(girl + girl), girls with guns, a great car and a perfect soundtrack.

200 Cigarettes — the best worst parties ever and Courtney Love and Paul Rudd have IT (so sayeth Gayle and I have seen and believed)

While You Were Sleeping (Gayle insists) — first Chicago, then Sandra Bullock, then Bill Pullman and Peter Boyle.

Sabrina — if only for Julia Ormand’s dress and Fanny Ardant (then watch 8 Women and be horrified and entertained)

The American Pie movies — I learned so much(much I DID NOT want to know); Jason Biggs is so so funny and it’s the perfect love story. Watch all of them, but they peak with #2.

The Tall Guy — a movie that makes Jeff Goldblum likeable…and the FUNNIEST sex scene ever.

Junior — It’s the Arnold movie you should watch and not just because I want to date/be Emma Thompson’s character(she looks good in trousers) while remaining gay — even in drag Arnold not my type. Danny Devito always manages to be charmingly scummy — it’s a gift.

So your task this week is to watch one of these, come back and comment and if we think of anymore, we’ll just start another list. Actually, maybe the next list’ll be worst movies ever. It starts with Rip It Off.

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