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January 22, 2009

Bell Book and Candle on TCM (10 p.m.) tonight-one of J. Stewart’s stranger movies, great Jack Lemmon+Kim Novack performances — magic + music

Simply Irresistible on Oxy — lonelypond eccentric favorites taking over your TV tonight; tomorrow X-Games…

and yes, you, loyal reader, are due iCarly reviews, True Jackson reviews, Financial Times catchups and etc.

I can give you a little Inaugral reaction; still not as thrilled as most of the rest of the universe about Barack Obama’s rhetoric. Article in the past FT Weekend actually breaks down his rhetorical devices. Maybe I’m too used to dealing with rhetorical devices — or there’s my legendary short attention span for being lectured — but I think Obama overdoes it a bit. In yesterday’s editorials, Gideon Rachman agrees with me. I think perhaps Obama in person might make the difference and the effect is actually rhetoric + charisma. It is nice to see a discussion of rhetorical devices. My personal favorite –well, it’s a close contest between oxymoron, hyperbole and synecdoche.

I liked the bit he lifted from Thomas Paine — the “only hope and virtue can survive” bit.

I really enjoyed the quartet playing John Williams’ “Air and Simple Gifts.”

And now my dinner’s arrived so enjoy yours.

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